Wisconsin, a beautiful tourist spot located in the US state, in North-central, in the Midwest and the great lakes region. This state has got geographical importance and is covered with a variety of forests. The state’s capital is Madison and the largest city is Milwaukee. The geography of Wisconsin is more diverse and was impacted by glaciers during the Ice age. During the 19th and 20th century many migrated from Germany and Scandinavia and entered the state. The same situation faced by many countries in ancient times was repeated here also, and the state remains the centre of German Americans and Scandinavian Americans.

Wisconsin is surrounded by many lakes and here are the findings of the beauty of state which attract many of the tourists. Wisconsin is bordered by Montreal River, and also Lake Superior, Michigan to the north. The journey to this state is a scenic route as it has the most beautiful location between the Great lakes and the Mississippi River. The state’s highest point is considered as Timms hill. One of the greatest attraction is the central plain that has some unique sandstone formation.

The northern high land just in the south of the state has a massive mix of hardwood and 1500000 acres of coniferous forest.  It has thousands of glacier lakes that add to the beauty of Wisconsin.

When we moved to the south-western part of the state, in the western upland which is a rugged landscape filled with forests and farm land, we can again find a part of Lake Mississippi. When we pass through the region which is a part of Driftless area, we can witness steep ridges with thick forests, deep river valleys, waterfalls and streams. It is interesting to know that 46% of the state Wisconsin is covered with forests of various tree species that give different experiences for the tourists.

Since the beauty of the state is covered by forests and lakes, the state has got one national forest managed by the US forest service.

It is found that the climate of the state is warm- summer in most of the areas and hot summer in the southern part of the state. Wisconsin has a sister state relationship with Hesse in Germany, Chiba Prefecture of Japan, Jalisco in Mexico, and Heilongjiang, and Nicaragua in China. The areas under the National park service are Ice Age National Scenic Trail, North Country National Scenic Trail, and Saint Croix National Scenic River way.