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Vietnam is a Socialist People’s Republic in Southeast Asia . It is bordered to the north by China and the west by Laos and Cambodia . After the turbulent and marked by wars and rebellions from 1945 until the end of American War (as the Vietnam War called in Vietnam) in 1975, while the country has over 10 years, almost completely closed off to the outside. In 1986, then after a severe economic crisis, the reform Đổi moi (renovation) has been tackled.

It was the situation when the economy of the nation suddenly pushed down due to the financial crisis. The economic crisis details the situation like a falling GDP; dry up of liquidity, fluctuation in prices due to inflation or deflation, loss in trading online and local retailers too feel severe pitfall. This crisis leads to depression.

The main points of this reform, the gradual economic opening to non-Communist countries, the withdrawal from Cambodia , decentralization and liberalization of the economy and also gradual privatization.


Through this step, the Vietnamese Communist Party, even after the collapse of the Soviet bloc to hold their power until today and the reforms can bring about strong economic growth that continues today. The experienced virtually non-existent before the opening of tourism since the early 90s a real boom. In the last ten years the number of tourists has doubled.


For an entry visa is required, which are usually applied for before departure must. There are single entry visa (single entry) and Multiple Entry / Re-entry Visa (multiple entry) with validity up to three months. Only for package holidays, it is partly possible by a Vorbestätigungsnummer a visa upon arrival at the airport to receive. The visa can in Germany, directly at the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the Federal Republic of Germany may be requested. There is an application form available for download. This is filled in, provided with a passport photograph and send, along with the passport, and a stamped addressed envelope and the visa fee to the embassy. The fee for a three-month single entry visa is € 64.00 (as of 12.2010), with multiple entry € 100.00 (as of 10.08.2010). These should be obtained before applying to the embassy in a particular case. The processing time is approximately one week.


According to the travel and safety information of the German Federal Foreign Office provides a visa on arrival, which often offered on the Internet for tourists dar. no possibility of entry One can also require a visa in Thailand or Cambodia get, if you want to enter by land. In Phnom Phen take to get a visa officially two days and costs $ 30, in Vientiane, you pay 50-60 dollars for a month. For a fee (experience level five dollars) but you can pick up the visa the same day, the morning when you’re in the Vietnamese Consulate.


The official language is Vietnamese ( tiếng Việt ); it the Latin alphabet is used with six accents. There are 54 ethnic minorities, some of which use their own languages ​​and dialects. In tourist areas there is no problem to communicate with English. Especially in the south, there are many people who have acquired their knowledge of English during the war. The importance of French as a foreign language has subsided. It is (especially in Hanoi) and not at all unlikely to meet Vietnamese who speak very good German (mostly former contract workers in the GDR). There is also talk tourist guides, the German.


Basic food is number one in Vietnam as in most Asian countries, rice (Vietnamese Com ), which is usually eaten with meat and vegetable dishes. Another specialty of Vietnam are the soups and stews ( Phở : classic noodle soup, HU Tieu : variation with small rings noodles). Vietnam is also a paradise for lovers of fish and seafood. The main spice in Vietnamese cuisine is the fish sauce nước mắm , which spread a raw nose something for the west to get used to smell, but the dishes a distinctive, almost addictive flavor. Because they smell next to the still slightly corrosive effect, prohibited the carrying of nước mắm on flights of Vietnam Airlines.


There are restaurants serving Western food only in Saigon and Hanoi and in the more important tourist places. Preferred to eat in the kitchens, which are on almost every corner, and usually specialize in a particular court. If that’s the face of sometimes difficult to hygiene should be assessed somewhat suspect, also adheres to the very favorable rice or soup restaurants that are popular with the locals. In general, it is advisable to go by where the locals eat. Then, the restaurant is really good and authentic.


These remind us Westerners often at a slaughter house: the walls and floor are made of white tiles, chrome highlights, the tables and stools made of plastic, the whole thing with fluorescent lights. If the floor with food waste and paper towels is covered, this means that the restaurant has a lot of customers, which is an indication of good food again, the Vietnamese are eating too important for that they would settle for something that does not taste . The Vietnamese cuisine is very diverse and most dishes are light and easily digestible. Nevertheless, you should have a dictionary at hand when the menu is not available in English. On the one hand, probably do not like all the boiled chicken feet or duck eggs are fit, on the other hand, are often a very good food is not recommended, because the staff thinks that all Westerners may only fried rice with egg.