Venice, Italy

in Europe

Venice is a city in northeastern Italy on the Adriatic coast. It is the capital of Veneto and the province of Venice and is nicknamed La Serenissima (“The Serene”). At 31 December 2010, there were 270.884 inhabitants in Venice. In the 2006 census, the city had 268.934 inhabitants, of which 176.621 were living on the mainland, 61.611 in the historic center (Centro Storico) and 30.702 more within the lagoon. The historic center covers more than 100 islands and is also located in the lagoon between the mouths of the Po to the south and the Piave is located in the north. The area of the city is, according to official data exactly 414.573211 km², it is 257.7256 km² of water surface.

Venice is one among the 118 islands present over there. These islands are separated by the canals. 400 bridges are present. It provides completely link. Venice is known by many names like ‘City of Bridges’, City of Water, Queen of Adriatic, City of Masks, City of canals and many more. They city is built with great beauty of architecture and artwork. Check it out for many other specialities of Venice.

About a thousand years the city was Venetian Republic is one of the most important political and economic powers, and one of the largest European cities, ending its independence until 1797th Your needle, the politically dominant, temporarily put the largest intermediary between Western Europe and the eastern Mediterranean, the city benefited from dar. trade in luxury goods, spices, salt, wheat, developed at the same time the largest financial center.

Venice and its lagoon are since 1987 on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage. They have worked very often inspiring to artists, while Venice is one of the most visited cities by tourists. With the resulting revenue, one tries to aging and of frequent flooding (acqua alta) to redevelop the city and threatened her to open up next to the traditional means of livelihood new.


In the Veneto, but also in the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, in the Trentino and Istria is spoken alongside Italian has its own language, as the Venetian is known. Since 28 March 2007, it is – at least from the Veneto Regional Council – recognized as a language. Here comes the venesiàn (Venetian) on a significant variety, which is spoken in Venice. It is one of the Western Romance languages ​​and different in pronunciation, sentence structure and vocabulary in some cases very strongly from the standard Italian.