Vaduz, Liechtenstein

in Europe

Vaduz is the capital and royal seat of the Principality of Liechtenstein. The municipality of Vaduz’s seat of state government and the Archdiocese of Vaduz. Vaduz is particularly well known in his capacity as an international financial center.

Being a financial centre is a great responsibility. A place is said to be a financial centre if there exists quite a number of financial institutions. This point is considered to have a good communication and the commercial structure with the people. These are the people who carry on huge transactions in the domestic level, national level and in the international level. Click here for more info about the kind of transaction and the type of business the people involve in Vaduz.

Vaduz was first mentioned in 1150. The name of Vaduz is either Romanic origin (avadugt = “water line”, from Latin aquaeductus) or developed from Valdutsch – from Latin. vallis (= “valley”), and Old-Highdutch. : diutisk (= “German”).

1932 Vaduz was awarded the Prince of Liechtenstein was the first municipality a coat of arms, which was replaced in 1978 by the current. The crest is divided into four sections : in the two red, diagonally opposite fields (fields two and three) is a silver Montfortsche church flag (with three Hängel and three rings) is shown. These are the arms of Werdenberger derived. The other two fields, one silver and four point to the red “princely” – a stylized crown, as a sign of quality residential city.

Liechtenstein itself has no freeways, however, leads the Swiss A13 along the left side of the Rhine. Vaduz has with the exit at the St. Gallen municipality Sevelen, a motorway nearby. The station Schaan-Vaduz is the nearest railway station with a regional connection. The stations Sargans, Buchs SG, and Feldkirch each have international connections and are using public buses, the Liechtenstein Bus Authority (LBA) to reach directly. The rest of the municipality in the Principality are by public transport easily accessible. The municipality of Vaduz offered in late 2009 over 9,000 jobs. Is known in particular the International financial center of Vaduz, it is often forgotten that many international industrial companies in Vaduz or Liechtenstein come from the rest. These include, inter alia, Hilti AG or Hoval. In addition, many state institutions headquartered in Vaduz. Examples include the Liechtenstein National Police, the Liechtenstein Grammar School or the University of Liechtenstein.