Travel Guide to Shanghai

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Travel Guide to Shanghai – Shanghai has more than 23 million inhabitants (metropolitan, urban areas about 10 million), the largest city in China before Beijing .

Our website guides you on important tips when you have to visit shanghai. You should take care of when you are planning to visit this city. Shanghai experiences every season from the fiery heat to the chilly winters. The best season to visit this city is during the spring and the autumn months.

In the vicinity of Shanghai, there are many small, picturesque canal town. Here one can still building with original Ming – Qing architecture and visit. Run on old cobbled streets and admire the many arched bridges. Life in the town takes place around the channels. Here, both the drinking water taken from both the laundry and washed the vegetables. The people are, despite the stream of visitors, yet quite relaxed and friendly. Since the canal towns are very similar, the visit is fully sufficient in this town to get an impression of life and architecture. The canal towns are very popular as a destination and therefore to the tourist peak seasons and weekends pretty crowded.


Shanghai offers Hong Kong, probably the best way to go. The various routes such as Hengshan Road bars, offer inviting and interesting nightlife. A popular nightlife district is the Xintiandi district. There are a variety of bars and restaurants, which are nothing but money for the small Porte. Besides many small pubs, bars are singing and dancing, there are many exclusive entertainment opportunities, which are mainly located in the vicinity of the collar. Worth seeing is the Cloud 9 bar on the 88 floor of the Jin Mao Tower, which is still the highest bar in the world. Good location for the nightlife “Bar Rouge”, the “Glamour Bar” on the waistband – great view of the skyline of Pudong.


Shanghai is in spite of its size, a very safe city. Tourists should take, however pickpockets and smugglers beware. Especially in the Nanjing Road (East) will be approached by young ladies who want to drink a coffee. They should not go with you, because one otherwise finds a colorful table covered with all sorts of expensive liquor and food. Who has to pay the bill is then quite clear. Where you give yourself in this situation should not, and at least act. Also abound in the city of so-called “students” with good English skills who want to take a visit to a tea ceremony or an art exhibition. Here too, agree in any case. In addition, you should (be) not a “puff” to bind his backpack / bag, which apparently means something like: “I want to pay much money, and it has worked before.” Otherwise, you cheated in Shanghai actually less than you might think it an Asian metropolis. To violence or robbery, it is not a rule. However, one should de-escalate the dispute to respond. One should avoid southern and western suburbs. There, the crime rate is increasing, particularly in recent years it has increased, but this is due also to become more and more private cars, are the target of theft. Prostitution is illegal in China. Who still follows an appropriate lady must expect that in some cases to be robbed by armed men. Help from the police in the recovery of the stolen cards and documents is not expected.