Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

in North America

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – The state lies on a group of islands in the Windward Antilles. Located on a large island of Saint Vincent and several small, partially make up the archipelago of the Grenadines. To the south of the country is Grenada , just north of St. Lucia. East Coast Islands Atlantic Ocean, west – the Caribbean Sea. St. Vincent – the largest producer of arrowroot in the world.

Administratively, the country is divided into six districts, five on the island of St. Vincent, St. David, St. Patrick, Charlotte, Saint Andrew, Saint George, and the sixth combines the Grenadines.


St. Vincent – the main island of the state, Grenadines – eponymous archipelago of 32 islands, the largest of which is the island of Bequia , in the south of St. Vincent (except for the south, owned by Granada), and Reefs Tobago .


Cities – The harbor at St. Vincent, Kingstown – the capital and largest city in the country, Port Elizabeth – the administrative center of the Grenadines, Shatobler, Barruale, Layou, Georgetown.

It is always a great idea to explore a new place that you are planning to visit. The Tobago Cays are a group of five islands with rich coral reefs offering some thrilling experiences in the Caribbean Sea. It is just a one day trip through a ferry from the Grenadines. The snorkeling is just a lifetime experience. You can get a view of amazing sea turtles as you travel. If you are a person wanting to explore the different beaches then Bequia is certainly the best place. The perfectly bluish waters and the golden sands are a cool way to improve your happiness levels. You can just unwind and find yourself out in peace. Mayreau is another island covered by picturesque palm trees. It is a small island with limited people, transports and other facilities. Some of the biggest yachts and ships come and dock her and it is a pleasant view after the sunsets. If you are an alcoholic person, then you would love the amazing varieties of bars that can specially chill you with beers at anytime of the day. Start planning and start enjoying..!!

St Lucia’s food consists mainly of fresh fruits, vegetables and fish, as Curry, Jerk, Resigerichte and stews. Restaurants can be found mainly in the cities. International cuisine is mainly used where there are as many tourists to the Rodney Bay