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Rabat City of Morocco – Rabat, the white imperial city is the capital of Morocco and after Casablanca the largest city in the country. It is located in north-west of Morocco.

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Rabat is the capital of Morocco’s seat of the royal palace. In addition, it contains nearly all ministries and administrative bodies of the country. Also, most embassies are located here.

It is located along the Atlantic Ocean. The architecture is heavily influenced by its Islamic and French heritage. There are some old forts like the Kasbah which is surrounded by French-designed gardens. The iconic Hassan Tower is a 12th-century minaret which soars above the city. There is a museum which displays a vast collection of ancient artifacts. You can visit our website for more information.

Therefore, there are also many

international guests. Since Rabat but has to offer beyond the Oudaya, the Medina and the Chellah little can be found almost exclusively ambassadors and government officials at the international guests. The city is very much influenced by, there are areas with beautiful villas and high rents where the international scene lives.

Getting to Rabat
With the aircraft can be reached only via Rabat Paris-Orly and Paris-CDG. There are daily nonstop flights by up to 4 Paris. From Paris to fly Royal Air Maroc (Paris-Orly/CDG) on Aigle Azur (Paris Orly) and Air France (Paris CDG) Rabat. In the summer fly Buraq Air and Afriqiyah to Tripoli . There are cheap flights from Paris Orly with Jet4You.

From Rabat runs twice a day is a train to Tangier (05:30 h and 19:00 h). Among others, there are also trains to Casablanca (every half hour, 1 hour drive), Marrakech and Ouarzazates . The track-Agadir Rabat has been discontinued.


If you want to drive from Germany to Rabat by car have to go through all of France (1600km) and the whole of Spain (1450km). Then off to the Algeciras ferry lines (FRS Nautas de Balearias and Routes, Comanav, € Ferry, and Boquebus Bismillah). Then through Tangier and direction Autorouté de Rabat travel time approximately 4-5 hours (240km).

From Rabat, there is little transfer line to the boat except in the summer once a week to Santa Cruz de la Palma.

Attractions in Rabat
– There is only one church in Rabat, namely Kolequere Church is located outside the city.

– Tour Hassan. He was once planned as a powerful building before an earthquake destroyed the ongoing construction. Today the tower instead of the planned 60m just 44m high and is surrounded by pillars. On the site there is also the mausoleum, which can be viewed from a gallery.

– Medina. The Rabat Medina is relatively straightforward, with the streets all run orthogonally. Coming from the Avenue Mohammed V and the Medina are treading on the left electronic goods and DVDs. Straight ahead you will find a mix of goods and at the end of the access to the old cemetery, on the sea can be reached. Law are the most beautiful products such as leather goods, jewelry, pottery, spices, and other traditional clothing. Between 16h and 19h, the Medina is very full. Also worth a look into the side streets off the dealer’s, with narrow streets and each lot of secrets.

– Chellah. The Chellah is composed of the remains of a fortified city, today only ruins and witness the great wall of the außenrum former glory. It is a mystical place and well worth a visit. He is guarded by many storks that nest on the old tower of the mosque and other buildings and clacking their beaks. Note: at the entrance you will be happy to talk about a tour!

– Oudaya. The Oudaya is the oldest part of town and is evidence of the savage past. Directly from the sea, the mighty walls rise up and protect the inhabitants from all naval powers to conquer the Tried it. To this day Portuguese doors inside of it. Walking down the streets you will end up on the left side to a large terrace overlooking the beach and sea, where walk in the evening like the lovers. Direction of flow to expect a small terrace where you can drink with a view of the neighboring town of tea. Caution, wait here “leader” on their opportunity.

On the beach in Rabat, there is a surf club, where you can take courses. The beginners’ course costs 150 DH for 1.5 hours including material. North of Rabat, there is the beach of the nations. In Rabat, there are few movie theaters that show (due to the many gefälschtan DVDs) almost no Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies at best. In the Institute Francaise However, there are movie nights with French films. Who wants to be sporty, except in the many fitness centers in the forest lifted the Hilton Hotel at best, there is a jogging trail with distance.

Shopping and Cuisine
Shopping can be convenient in the medina. This is called for action, look at the best skeptical and say it half of what the dealer says. Action is fun and easy to learn. There are a lot of fake and cheap branded goods, but also traditional clothes and cheap souvenirs. Otherwise, there are two huge Marjane (comparable to REWE or Walmart) for about 2 km from the center. Who is on pottery found in Salé Oulja in what he seeks. This is a kind of craft village. There are other things that fit but in no case (rugs, mosaic tables, etc.). Beautiful to look at and well worth a visit.

In the medina, you will find delicious sandwiches kefta (ground beef) for little money. But there are lots of expensive restaurants, for example in Agdal. National tagine dish should have ever tried, the best in a sweet version with fruit couscous, etc. Friday is day. Füe all with homesickness in Agdal McDoof get updated very often.

Nightlife in Rabat
There are some clubs and bars that are frequented by wealthy Moroccans. Alokohol is there naturally.
– Amnesia. Free admission for women, men sometimes like to pay 200DH. Near Av. M ‘V and Medina. Large, fierce-looking bouncers.

– Privilege. Free admission. Music: House, depending on the week to dance or salsa music, sometimes live bands. A little loud. Sirzecken and tables. Buddha Bar style. Often special events. Rue Oued Ziz, Agdal.

– Tex Mex. Large Mexican bar with plenty of cozy corners. From time to live bands. Agdal.

– Harrolds. In Souissi. Techno or salsa.

– Bar Pietri. Live hotel bar, with jazz on Thursdays.

– 5ième Avenue. Club with pool tables and sometimes prostitutes. Nearby Rue Okba, Agdal.