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Mozambique is in Africa . It is bordered by South Africa , Swaziland , Zimbabwe , Zambia , Malawi and Tanzania. Cities in Mozambique : Beira – the second largest city in the country, Maputo – the capital, Inhambane, Chimoio, Pemba.

Getting there

The visa is now easily available on every major line and much less expensive than if it is concerned in the home country.

This is her response about how to get visa easily. You may either hire someone or you can do it directly online too. If you hire someone then you will have to pay for the consultation. Today it is very easy to get your visa interview scheduled. Just follow the steps carefully.

Straightforward and relatively quick procedure. For entry to Mozambique, you need a valid visa prior to commencement of the journey must be applied. Although changing the entry requirements and how to use often, it is highly advisable to apply early as 8 weeks before travel visa. More detailed information can be found on the website of the Mozambican Embassy in Germany: The visa should be strictly applied early, as processing times vary greatly. Even with a visa, the one or the other side of passport on entry for more stamps to be free. The visa must be carried at all times!


The Arrival by plane can either be made directly to Maputo, which is very expensive. The better and cheap way is to fly to Johannesburg, SA, and then with a relatively comfortable bus to Maputo, the journey takes about 7 hours with a limit of stay and is very straightforward.



Expensive is the direct flight to Maputo with either SAA or Lufthansa TAP. The flight to South Africa, Johannesburg is therefore recommended. Runs between Maputo and Durban South African Airways. At an airport departure tax (U.S. $ 20 for intercontinental, $ 10 for regional and $ 5 for domestic flights) is payable, which must be paid in cash (either U.S. dollars or Meticais South African Rand). Who wants to travel to the North Moçambiques should draw a check in via Dar es Salaam into consideration. The Dar es Salaam route – Pemba – Nampula operates the LAM several times a week.

Flights from Johannesburg to Beira only once / week – and sometimes fall out and then it’s difficult, “alternative solution” to find – responsibilities are shifted back and forth.



Malawi: From Blantyre and Lilongwe (about Liwonde and Balaka) can be by train to Nayuchi – get Entre Lagos border crossing. From there, go to Chapas Cuamba. From there you can travel with Chapas to Lichinga in the north or the east by train to Nampula. From Nampula can be reached easily in a few hours Ilha de Moçambique by bus.


From South Africa: Johannesburg and Pretoria trains connecting Maputo via Nelspruit and the Ressano Garcia border crossing. From Durban to Maputo also trains go via Swaziland. Most trains terminate at the border in Ressano Garcia. It comes with a mini bus from the station about 5 km farther to the border crossing. There you cross the border on foot. On the Mozambican side, it is difficult to find any minibus (Chappa) to Maputo.




Swaziland: The Maputo – Durban railway line runs through Swaziland. The Maputo – Nelspruit connection has a connection to Barberton, which is close to the border with Swaziland.


Zimbabwe: From Somabhula (in Gweru), one can travel via Harare to the north and then over the Mutare – Manica reach the border crossing to Mozambique, from where there are connecting trains via Chimoio to Beira. Alternatively, you can drive to the southeast of Chokwe in Maputo (the train crosses the border between Sango and Chicualacuala).



For longer distances by ship from Durban to Maputo, Beira, Nacala and Pemba. A wonderful trip on the Ilala to Mozambique is on the Lake Malawi from Nkhata Bay, Likoma via Iceland to Cobué, although there is no guarantee that it is also in Cobué transport for the onward journey. The crossing is possible once a week and runs every Monday from Nkhata Bay. Recommended is a couple of nights to spend in Likoma and then cross over to a local fishing boat to Cobué. In Cobué itself it has little to stay, but there are close to the Nkwichi Lodge. After the Ilala Cobué sets still in Metangula also Mozambique and from there there are ways by minibus to get to Lichinga.