Morocco is a country located in North Africa and is considered a gateway to Africa. It is a country full of mind-boggling diversity. The people here are very hospitable and still follow and practice their old cultural heritage and traditions. It has managed to combine modernity with its old-world charm in a wonderful way. It has a lot of French influence which is no wonder because it was ruled by them for a long time till it became a free country. Many people in Morocco still speak French and the cuisine here is a fantastic confluence of all the different influences. Tourists love to come to Morocco for the diverse attractions it offers. There is history, culture, food, art, monuments, architecture, music, adventure and a vast variety of landscapes. Let us take a look at what Morocco can offer. You can visit this website and get more information if you want.

Mountains and Desert

For the climbers the choices are many. There is, of course, the High Atlas which is very famous. The Rif and many other ranges are equally beautiful and challenging for the climbers. The views are breathtaking. It almost looks like a carpet when you look at miles of sand dunes interspersed with some shrubbery or camels walking leisurely. Night skies will attract any stargazer with their clear skies and thin air. There are caves to be discovered and big waterfalls to enjoy. The options are many.


The Medinas and Kasbahs are areas where the streets are narrow and there are walled enclosures. They offer a true old-world charm many travelers come to experience this. If you get a chance then you should try and live there instead of living in a hotel. You can imagine the way people lived earlier and follow the maze of the roads to find the true Morocco.


There are many options available. You can go hiking, or try camel trekking in the desert. There is a lot of shopping that you can do here. Carpets and ornaments top the list. You can buy souvenirs for your loved ones. What the people of Morocco love to do is to just sit and sip a cup of coffee or tea and watch the world go by. You can try this and you will be surprised to find how soothing and therapeutic it can be in today’s world.

Modern Morocco is traditional yet forward-facing. It has a number of dimensions and for a tourist and traveler, there is nothing more interesting than that. Take your time and discover Morocco patiently and passionately.