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The Maldives are an island nation in the Indian Ocean at the southern tip of India in South Asia .The Maldives are among the poorest countries in the world, although some industries, especially tourism to grow strongly. The country has Islam as state religion. Even foreign tourists or hotel employees should other religions such as Christianity can not exercise. In the so-called “World Watch List” prove the Maldives to North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Somalia, 5th place (2006), a year earlier (2005) was ranked 6th.

National language is Dhivehi (a dialect of Sinhala). The font is of Arabic origin and is called Thaana. English is spoken in the capital Male very often – on the holiday islands is predominantly spoken English. It is also not uncommon employees, master the basics of French, German or Japanese language to.

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The Maldives has a very good climate all around the year.  That is why one does not get tired even during a whole day tour by walk.  The country is a group of islands and doubtlessly there are numerous crystal clean beaches.  Sea sports like a wakeboard, water ski, jet ski, paddleboard or canoe, tube ride, etc. are popular here.  For nature lovers, sun bath, dolphin watching or snorkeling safari offers entertainment.  Apart from beaches, one can visit mosques and Tsunami monument.  Engaging in activities like Manta Ray watching or sunset fishing really makes the vacation complete.  Check this website to know more details.  The culture of Maldives and the cuisine is very different from the rest of the world.  The cuisine is a combination of Indian, Malay, and Minicoy.  Coconut milk is the main ingredient in most of the dishes.  Deep-fried breadfruit and smoking tuna are two things which one should never miss.  The island nation is tourist-friendly.  However, take care of below aspect.

At times one can even in principle to acquire all that you can buy in Islamic countries, on the larger islands, there are tourists in the control electronics retailers and jewelers, as well as the obligatory souvenir shops. Caution, jewelry and souvenirs made from coral or animals: just make sure to first maximum of information, because the export of corals, shells and other similar form of partial restrictions. Infringements heavy fines or even jail. The preferred currency for purchases at times is the American dollar. Meanwhile, some shops, the euro is accepted.