Lyon, France

in Europe

Lyon is the capital of the region Rhône-Alpes and the Rhône département in southeastern France. With 479,803 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2009) it is after Paris and Marseille, the third largest city in the country. The 1.3 million inhabitants, metropolitan area is the second largest region after the Ile-de-France, the Paris region with about 11.5 million inhabitants. To argue this position, however, for many years, the cities of Lyon and Marseille.

The city has various options of the guided tour like sightseeing cruise, hop-on-hop-off buses, and trams.  Roaming along the streets in electrical bikes is also a good option.  Pedicab tours are suitable for night roaming.  Vacation in Lyon would be a totally different experience.  One can do anything from tasting the wine, visiting the vineyards or see how cheese is made.  Eating food is a way of life here.  One should never miss the Lyonnaise breakfast and pastry.  Visit home page to know the reasons why Lyon is called the ‘World capital of gastronomy’.  Apart from food, there are numerous tourist attractions of historical importance.  The old town houses numerous ancient buildings.  The basilica offers a scenic view during night time.  The ancient theatre of Fouviere takes one to the roman ages.  The best time to visit the theater is during the annual festival.  Never miss the museum of fine arts and the Lyon cathedral.

The Old Lyons in 1998 by the UNESCO for World Heritage site declared. Lyons is the seat of the Episcopal Archdiocese of Lyon, the Roman Catholic Church in France. Bishop’s seat is the Cathedral of Lyons in the old town. Striking is the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere, which overlooks the entire city. 1871, it was built on top of the hill.

The Lyon’s restaurant enjoys an excellent reputation. The variety of traditional cuisine found in the rare combination of alpine and near-navigable access to the Mediterranean origin. North of the city lies the vineyard Beaujolais, south of the city close to the Cotes du Rhone on. Historically, the city is closely associated with the canuts, the silk weavers linked, whose trade during the Industrial Revolution was the driving economic force. In addition, Lyon is a city of light is known, the annual honor on 8 December, the “Fête of Light” is celebrated. Lyon is the headquarters of the international police agency Interpol and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (International Agency for Research on Cancer, in short: IARC).