Lake District UK – Nature’s Beauty at its Best

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Shimmering lakes, enchanting forests, majestic mountains, green valleys, an extensive array of flora and fauna – this place has everything to relax, inspire, rejuvenate and even make a Wordsworth out of you! The beauty of Lake District is absolutely spellbinding.

Earth is a beautiful planet in which we live in. The nature that adorns the beauty of the Earth is immense and splendid. Nature is one of the best and natural resource that the God has given for the mankind. It gives us inner peace. It helps us see the world in a more positive way with full of positivity. Here is the review about this place by a visitor.

lake district Lake District UK – Nature’s Beauty at its Best

Sprawling over an area of over 2000 km, it is the second largest national park in the United Kingdom and undeniably, the most popular among people. It is the most heavily inhabited National Park of the country. It is well-connected to nearby cities via road, railways and ferries.


Geography and Climate


Lake District has numerous hills and mountains, including England’s highest mountain peak, Scafell Pike. The place is full of lush green valleys and deep lakes; Wastwater, England’s deepest lake is also situated here.


Lake District is the wettest region in England as it receives rainfall almost throughout the year. However, not all regions receive the same amount precipitation. The summers are cool and winters are mild, although, there are times when the region experiences a hot and dry summer day or a freezing cold winter day.


lake district wallpaper Lake District UK – Nature’s Beauty at its Best

Rich Heritage

Lake District has a rich history and cultural heritage. This region has been a home to thousands and thousands of people for over 12,000 years. These people left their footprints and transformed this landscape bit by bit; from cave men of prehistoric times to Romans and Vikings to poets and authors of the 19th century.

lake district england Lake District UK – Nature’s Beauty at its Best

Places to See

  • The Scenic Wonders


Even sight-seeing and getting in-sync with nature is what your heart desires then visit Borrowdale and Buttermere valleys, Dodd wood at whinlatter forest and visitor center, brotherswater or windermere lakes, levers waterfalls or almost any place in the whole region because every inch is oozing with natural riches.

  • Exploring the Inhabited Areas

From villages in valleys to coastal towns to cosmopolitan cities, Lake District encompasses them all. Carlisle, Keswick, Barrow-in-Furness, Whitehaven, Kendel and Ambleside are a few of the inhabited regions where you can experience the way of living of the locals and discover the tales of the past.

  • Historical Places

Visit Wordsworth House in Cockermouth, Hardknott Roman Fort in Ravenglass, the Copt Howe Rock Carvings in Great Langdale, the Swinside Stone Circle in Broughton in Furness or Aughertree Fell Settlement in Uldale. There are ancient structures, princely castles and imperial homes and a lot more for anyone who wants to get a taste of Lake District’s rich history.


Where to Stay


Lake District has hundreds of hotels, cottages, campsites, caravans, lodges, inns and guest houses where you can enjoy your stay. You can pamper yourself, splurge in a luxurious hotel; enjoy nature while living in a decent cottage or experience the wild while camping.


lake district hotels Lake District UK – Nature’s Beauty at its Best


Local Food and Eating Joints


There are plenty of local bakeries and food shops where you can delight your palate and lose yourself in the scrumptious foods made by the residents. There are pubs and inns, breweries, cafes and numerous top-quality restaurants which offer fantastic cuisine.


You can climb, row, swim, hike, ride, rappel, glide, skydive and do almost anything imaginable to get your adrenaline pumping. Shop, take part in local events, visit art galleries and exhibitions, take museum tours, go fishing or just swing in your hammock and watch the world go by. Lake District offers you not just a vacation but a chance to live life your way.