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Greece ( Greek Elláda, Ελλάδα [ɛlaða]; formally Ellas, Ελλάς, Hellas’; long form Ellinikí Democracy, Ελληνική Δημοκρατία Hellenic Republic) is located in Southeastern Europe and is a Mediterranean country. The Greek territory borders on Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Being restricted in geography did not restrict it from being the main entity in trading through the sea. This opened a large number of opportunities to make sure that the greek influence lies over all the world one way or the other. The legend that greeks believe is that god passed soil through a sieve and all the stones remained were used to build Greece. The migration of people was quite common as the landscape did not give them enough space to expand their horizons and develop into better civilization.

The beauty of Greece lies with the wonderful feeling of nostalgia and people can get more excited just looking into the beauty of the Blue Aegean sea. Aspects from everything like the European, Balkan, Meditteranean and near Eastern influence and even due to the proximity to Africa there is a great influence from there as well. The Turkish rule and the heritage of classical Greece also have paved the way to improving the cultural heritage as well as influencing it.

The water just enters into the mainland through small inlets and penetration is so deep and much similarly and vice versa the rocky headlands move into the sea from the lands. Numerous valleys and basins are present that once held lakes but are covers parallel with mountains at all sides. The most unique feature is the influence of culture and modernized techniques all have been giving more beauty to the country.

The cluster of islands is too good to miss and indeed a great adventure as most inhabitants are friendly and easy to get familiar. They will be able to showcase what the people need from the world and how well the culture is defined and exactly what are the distinctive features of the people and how exceedingly well they handle themselves and how hospitable they are. Being the top article read through the context and understand what happens and how Greece functions in the economic world.

Greece is a member of the European Union and, with a total of 17 EU Member States a monetary union, the euro zone. It is a member of the United Nations, the OECD, the NATO, the OSCE and the Council of Europe. The Human Development Index is one of Greece to the highly developed countries.