Everland, South Korea

In Asia

The Everland Resort is a South Korean amusement park that was last visited by some 6.9 million people annually. In addition to the theme park, Everland also features a water park called Caribbean Bay , and a zoo.

Everland resort is the biggest theme park in South Korea. It is located in Yongin, a city in Gyeonggi-do. It is ranked among the top twenty amusement parks of the world. It was originally called “Jayeon Nongwon” which means natural farm. Its English name earlier was Farmland. It is divided into five major zones which include


Global Fair: this is a place for food, souvenirs and photos and points of entry and introduction for tourists. There are people to help tourists. Lockers are provided and services like strollers for babies or wheelchairs for old people can be hired here.


Zootopia: this area has a petting zoo, rides, and shows with animals. There is a small zoo with a few animals like polar bears, sea lions, tigers, etc. Safari can be experienced with the visitors staying on a bus. There is a raft ride which is also enjoyable.


European Adventure: it has many European restaurants and the architecture also has a European influence. There is a beautiful garden surrounded by train lines. There is a Mystery Mansion where visitors can shoot at ghosts.


Magic Land: there are many rides and buildings in this area. An old village is recreated here and is called Aesop’s Village. There is a big Ferris wheel here which can give you a view of the whole park. There are many interesting and enchanting rides here in this area.


American Adventure: American history is showcased here in a very interesting way. A western-themed ride called Rodeo is very famous. There is also a section which is dedicated to the 1950s rock music. Click for more information here and find out which section will be the best for you.

The park is divided into a total of 5 subjects. The Global Fair are, similar to Disney’s Main Street , several shops and restaurants. Regarding the topic European Adventure attractions and shops are decorated in European style. In addition, there are still areas of the American Adventure and Magic Land . In the area of Zoo-Topia are the animals of the park.


Mention should also be the 33-meter boat rocking Columbus Adventures , in the subject area American Adventure is to be found, and the rapids ride Amazon Express ( Zoo-Topia ).