European settlement

The term market town represents the European settlement. In the Middle Ages, the right to host the market is being obtained. It is something that is different from the city or village. In simple terms, it is the market rights. Windsor is one such market town in Berkshire, England. This site is famous for Windsor Castle. It is one of the residences of British Royal Family. This town is surrounded by west of Charing Cross (21.7 miles), south east of Maidenhead (5.8 miles), east of country town (15.8 miles). The River Thames is situated in the immediate south of Windsor. The River Thames flows through London. In England, it is the largest river. It is the longest and ranks two in United Kingdom. The football is the major sport here. Some of the other sports being played here are Hockey and archery.

Adjacent to the High Street is the old parish church of Windsor. It is the dedication to a Baptist known as Saint John. This was established during 1110 which was the time of Henry II. This is assured by the evidences present over there. This building adorned with the Saxon arches (usage of timber and thatch for the purpose of roofing), Norman workings (adapts the style of Romanesque architecture). The central tower has a small spire on top of it. The presence of 8 gabled roofs adds extra beauty to this construction. Apart from this, there are several chantries and side altars. In 1818, this structure was re built because of the repairs it under went. Charles Hollis played the role of architect for this re construction. During this time, the monument was erected with the iron columns that are being floated down the River Thames. The new church re constructed was Gothic in style.

The castle attracts the tourist from all over the world. The tourists are easily served with varied hotels, transport facilities. The transport facilities available are 2 railway stations and frequent bus facilities. There are other facilities with theatres too. The boat trips are even organised on the River Thames. The presence of Legoland Park adds to the extra beauty. For the tourists to be made easily accessible there are many gift shops, restaurants and hotels. The Peascod Street is the famous shopping street.

Check this out to book yours and have a visit to this beautiful Windsor. It is one of the paradises on this world. Enjoy the time and create your memories of happiness.