Barra Beach Lodge, Mozambique


Barra Beach Lodge is located in one of the most picturesque areas in Mozambique, with spectacular views of pristine beaches and clear waters from the Indian Ocean. Barra was isolated, pristine beaches, from the mouth of the Inbambane one side and sea on the other limits. Carefully situated under coconut palms and deserted beaches, Barra Lodge offers the perfect retreat for guests in Mozambique, for an unforgettable island.

Enjoy fresh seafood at the restaurant by the beach overlooking the Indian Ocean. Dinner is served outside on a terrace overlooking the sparkling pool. Every Wednesday and Saturday evening a delicious buffet dinner at the beach bar. Barra Lodge is the ideal venue for conferences and weddings.

Shine with the Indian Ocean in the sun, you can safely swim across the whole year for a pleasant stroll along the endless, sun-drenched beaches. This lodge is the perfect place in Mozambique excellent family, and offers fun and games to entertain the whole family.

Barra Lodge is located 485 km north of Maputo and Inhambane about 30 minutes away from the access road is a pleasant ride through the paved road that is suitable for the passage of a normal vehicle. However, the 7 km, leading to the lodge is a sand road where a 4×4 is necessary. Those will be collected from a parking lot safely with normal cars.

The tide in the sea is low here and that is why it is very safe to swim for all age group tourists.  You can go for deep diving and watch whale sharks, sea turtles and manta rays swimming around colorfully.  One has to definitely taste the local cuisine seafood and a wide range of cocktails and drinks available in the restaurants here. To know details see it here.  Barra beach lodge is comfortably sandy for a walk or a warm sunbath.  Numerous low-cost and self-catering accommodation is available along the entire shore.  Visit here during the right climate.

The area is relatively dry, with an average annual rainfall 1000mm. The rainy season is between November and March and usually occurs as a short, sharp showers. The climate is suitable for all summer with Mozambique year is hot and slightly cooler in winter. The temperatures reach 30 ° C in summer and 22 ° C in winter. Temperature of the sea water in the range of 23 ° C to 29 ° C.