Baja California

Tijuana is a city in northwestern Mexico in the state of Baja California. The city is situated on the border with the United States . The corresponding checkpoint in San Ysidro is crossed by 40 million people annually and 14 million vehicles. Because of the many commuters of the crossing is often congested, especially in the USA. Another border crossing is located in Otay.

Mexican painting got the world renown and marked the image source of modern Mexico which faced the strong criticism from the social and economic side. The Oaxacan school got very famous and prestige for both the spread of ancient and modern culture. The painters from the different nations have expressed their works in the face of Mexico.

Are irregular in Mexico, instead of a traffic signal based controls. In the 1980s a tramway network was built up to the limit, so you can easily reach Tijuana from San Diego. Many American tourists leave their cars on the U.S. side and walk on foot in the city, since one needs while driving a Mexican insurance, the U.S. is not valid.