Aruba is one of the ABC islands in the southern Caribbean, 25 miles north of Venezuela located.

Island is defined as the piece of land area surrounded by the water. Islands may be considered the extension of volcanic crusts or it is considered to be one amidst continental plate that is found to consist of larger landmass. Here is the great post to read about the surrounding islands of Aruba.

It is one of the four equal countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands (the others are Curacao , Sint Maarten and the actual Netherlands in Europe). Aruba is one of the few islands that remain of the tropical attackers spared because of their location. The Caribbean climate all year round and uniformly sunny. The sea temperature around 25 ° C. Although the territory of Aruba Netherlands belongs to the entry requirements are different. To enter Aruba necessarily a passport is required, after the return flight is valid for at least six months – the ID card will NOT be accepted.

The international airport of Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport (AUA) immediately southeast of the capital, Oranjestad . Flights to and from Aruba are partly carried out with a stopover (without changing) on the neighboring islands, for example, on Curacao . The flight time is 10 hours.

Car hire from 23 years ago, taxis can be hired for a fixed fee. As a German driving license is sufficient. Among the other ABC islands, it is by plane with Dutch Caribbean Express.

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The official language is Dutch, but English is often understood. The natives speak Creole Papiamentu, a mix of Portuguese, Spanish, English and Dutch. Currency of the country of Aruba Florin (AWG). € 1 correspond to 2.79 AWG, 1 corresponds to AWG € 0.3583. Credit cards, travelers checks and U.S. dollars are also accepted. The tap water is drinkable Aruba, Aruba has the second largest desalination plant in the world. In addition to the Caribbean delicacies, there are many restaurants that also European food and fast food restaurants. Alcohol consumption is permitted from the age of 18, with checks instead of find. The island offers a few hotels on the sandy beaches, which have to offer from family friendly to all sports.