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Zurich, Switzerland

by WCC on March 28, 2012

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Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and capital of the canton of Zurich . The city of Zurich, with around 390,000 inhabitants, is a political community , which since 1989 with the Zurich district is identical. In the agglomeration of Zurich 1.112 million people live. The metropolitan region of Zurich , the large parts of eastern and central Swiss Plateau covers, has 1.66 million inhabitants.

zurich Zurich, Switzerland zurich

Photographer credit to © Juan Rubiano

*you can find the another beautiful photos of Zurich, Switzerland – by Juan Rubiano.

The city of Zurich is the most important economic, scientific and social center of Switzerland. Zurich is situated in the eastern Swiss Plateau at the Limmat at the outflow of Lake Zurich , surrounded by hills in a pool. That made the old-Roman base Turicum Zurich was created in 1262 free imperial city in 1351 and a member of the Confederation. The city of the reformer Ulrich Zwingli saw in the industrial age, its rise to economic capital of Switzerland.

For years, Zurich is one of the cities with the highest quality of life and the most expensive cost of living listed. Since 2012, Zurich is the most expensive city in the world, followed by Tokyo and Geneva. With its railway station , the largest station in Switzerland, and the airport is the city of Zurich, a continental crossroads and thanks to the resident banks (including UBS and Credit Suisse) and Insurance (Zurich Financial Services and Swiss Re), an international financial center and the largest financial center in the Switzerland, followed by Geneva and Lugano.

zurich switzerland Zurich, Switzerland zurich switzerland zurich skyline Zurich, Switzerland zurich skyline zurich lake Zurich, Switzerland zurich lake

Despite the relatively small population, Zurich is therefore one of the world’s cities are counted. Above average number of media companies, including the Swiss television , have their headquarters here due to its location on Lake Zurich , its well-preserved medieval old town and a diverse cultural scene and nightlife , it is also a center of Swiss tourism. In reference to geographical and historical factors, and Zurich is sometimes referred to informally as the “city of Zurich” or the “city of Zwingle.” Its inhabitants are Zurich called (or city of Zurich for differentiation with the other inhabitants of the canton).

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