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Zimbabwe Tourism

by WCC on January 21, 2012

in Africa

Zimbabwe Tourism – Zimbabwe (English Zimbabwe ) lies in Africa. Neighboring countries are Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa and Botswana.

zimbabwe waterfall Zimbabwe Tourism

victoria waterfall zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a very poor country, it has a Bruttoinlansprodukt of just over $ 1000US per person per year and the trend is decreasing. Especially since the government in 2000 began to expropriate white farmers, and to refer the country (or murder), it goes with the economy continues downhill. Zimbabwe (formerly a relatively rich and fertile land) has since been bought in the neighboring countries of cereals, also allegedly by the farmers, who have settled there after their eviction. A cynical of tourist guides often asked question is: “With what the Zimbabweans have illuminated their houses before they use candles – with electricity.” English is the language of commerce, with which one is usually very far.

Cities of Zimbabwe :
Harare – the capital and largest city in the country
Bulawayo – Second largest city in the country, provincial capital of Matabeleland North
Victoria Falls – an ideal base for visiting the Victoria Falls

zimbabwe ruins Zimbabwe Tourism

zimbabwe ruins

Entry Requirements
For an entry visa is required, this is no problem to get on arrival at a frontier post (at least for German citizens). Photos, etc. are not necessary, ultimately serves only the purpose of the visa, the government supplying $ 30 from the pockets of tourists to the state Zimbabwe. It is a month and you need it for a day trip, for example to the Victoria Falls to visit. For a double-entry visa will be $ 45, payable for a multiple entry visa U.S. $ 55.

zimbabwe money Zimbabwe Tourism

zimbabwe money

Buying in Zimbabwe
African arts and crafts can be purchased cheaply at local markets. There are sometimes used clothing accepted for exchange. You should get yourself enough before entering U.S. $, as these act now as a means of payment, and South African rand accepted occasionally. It is important to note that there are no U.S. Dollar coins in circulation, therefore, most prices rounded to whole dollars. Prices are excellent, can (and should) apply common sense to achieve a reasonable rate and not to be cheated.

Zimbabwean Cuisine
The Zimbabwean cuisine as it is today, has taken over much of the British kitchen, and this combined with traditional recipes. As in most African countries in the cuisine of Zimbabwe’s ubiquitous porridge is the traditional basis of the courts. With the name of Sadza thick cornmeal with meat and sauce, a dip will be served. In addition, meat dishes and fresh fish dishes. On special occasions the traditional maize beer is brewed Hwahwa.

zimbabwe food Zimbabwe Tourism

zimbabwe food

Accomodation and Climate
(A few minutes from the bus station), the Holiday Inn in Harare provides for the right price all the amenities one expects in this chain, even if you look at the hotel that it had been better days.

From May to October, a moderate, almost Mediterranean weather with warm days, cool nights and absolute dryness. Between November and April there will be rains, be stronger in the higher areas than the national average (1000 – 1400 mm per year). Daytime temperatures will rise to about 30 ° C. During the winter months of June and July evenings and at night it is very cold in the higher altitudes it can even lead to frost. The best months are April and May or August to October.

Safety in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe is very poor, the usual precautions when traveling in a country are the third world must be observed. That fewer and fewer tourists visit the country lies less in the (by African standards such poor) security situation, but rather at exorbitant visa fees and entry fees to the state park. Dealers and haulers are often very pushy. A resounding “No thank you!” usually sufficient, but not always.

zimbabwe people Zimbabwe Tourism

zimbabwe people

Important: Money is only at official places (banks, bureaux de change) can be exchanged. An exchange on the street not only brings the risk of being cheated with it, it is also illegal. Prior to the export and import of local currency you should inform yourself about the regulations (and then enter them here). An exchange of U.S. dollars is not necessary because the U.S. dollar has now taken over the function of the Zimbabwean currency.

The medical care is not to compare with the technology in Europe and in many cases, apparatus and / or hygienic problem. Due to the deteriorating health care in public hospitals and poor equipment of pharmacies with drugs, travelers should carry a well stocked first aid kit with them individually.

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