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by WCC on March 30, 2012

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Zambia (Republic of Zambia ) – formerly Northern Rhodesia – is a landlocked country in southern Africa . The size of Zambia is comparable with that of France or Texas. Neighboring countries are Tanzania in the north-east, Malawi to the east, Mozambique to the southeast, Zimbabwe and Botswana (short section at the Zambezi river) to the south, Namibia in southwest Angola to the west and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the north. Moreover, Zambia also share in the North Lake Tanganyika .

zambia Zambia


Zambia offers travelers the best sometimes safari opportunities throughout Africa and provides an unobstructed view of the “Real Africa”. Also located on the border with Zimbabwe, the largest waterfalls in the world, the Victoria Falls . Since 1989 she is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In Zambia, there are only a very modest level of tourism. People who travel there do not move along well-trodden paths, and will find a great originality. This applies both to the people, nature and wildlife. Please note that with each trip to Zambia. Show up on their good side, you go with a valuable resource to you and true to the people the greatest respect. Many of them have very limited financial resources, so that every traveler is considered unimaginably rich. Keep Zambia’s unique beauty and be a model for other travelers. The gift of this will be at least a memorable vacation.

Lusaka – the capital and largest city in the country
Chingola – in the copper belt region
Chipata – provincial town on the way to Malawi and South Luangwa
Kabwe – large town halfway between Lusaka and Ndola
Kitwe – Copperbelt town in the characteristically industrial
Livingstone – the starting point for exploring the Victoria Falls
Lundazi – Provides good shopping, near the border with Malawi
Mufulira – Another town on the Copperbelt
Ndola – The largest city in the Copperbelt region

Getting there
Entry Requirements
Zambian visa policy can best be described as confusing. An impenetrable maze of rules determines who needs a visa and who is not whether you get the visa on arrival or not and how much a visa costs ultimately. The individual then, of course, border guards have their own interpretations of these rules. For package offered by travel agencies may also account for their visa requirements before. However, once you have figured out which category you belong, it is usually to get a visa without any problems. Basically, you can expect a fee of about 50 USD for a visa. Maybe you should have a visa for a copy of your passport and two photos at your fingertips. If you want to enter twice to Zambia, so we recommend a “double-entry” visa. It costs about $ 80. Whether for a day trip to Zimbabwe as well as such is required, that depends on the whim of the border guards. Current information on the visa policy of Zambia provide sambianesischen messages.

Current as of December 2006, border guards Livingstone / Victoria Falls : Who wants to take over this border post just a day trip to Zimbabwe must be previously not get “double-entry” visa. Re-entry is on the same day without any problems.

The main airport in the country is the airport from Lusaka . There are direct flights from London with British Airways or since 2012 by several German airports with Emirates via Dubai. This should probably be the most convenient connection. Another relation is from Frankfurt, via Addis Ababa with Ethiopian offered. There are lots of other links to various airports in Africa. If you plan to visit the eastern parts of the country (eg Chipata), it may be useful to Lilongwe in neighboring Malawi to fly. It should be remembered, however, that border crossings in Africa somewhere between easy and nightmarish. In Livingstone at the Victoria Falls and in Mfuwe near South Luangwa National Park , there are also smaller airports that are served from different locations in Africa.

zambia africa Zambia

zambia africa

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zambia victoria falls

Anyone traveling to Zambia because of good food will soon arrive on the earth. One of the most popular dishes among the people is a variation of maize porridge. To this is then passed if a kind of sauce and vegetables. Is usually eaten with the hands of a large pot in which the maize porridge was cooked. In the cities there are various ways to provide themselves with food of snacks that goes through porridge. Especially in big cities, there is no big deal, Indian, Asian or even to find Italian food. No matter what you eat: you should always make sure that meat is always well cooked and is used only boiled or bottled water withdrawn. If you feed yourself, you will find in the big cities always important food offers in supermarkets, which are in compliance with Western standards.

If you go in a restaurant meal, you can assume the following price limits
Simple meal : 20 000 to ZMK
Normal Eating : ZMK 20000-50000
Upscale menu : more than 50 000 ZMK

A very different picture, however, the camps are characterized by lodges on the edge of national parks, if you book a full board. This is always waiting with fresh vegetables, fruit and meat in many variations. A vegetarian diet is partially available. The quality is generally considered excellent, but also has its price.

Where to stay in Zambia covers the gamut: from luxury hotels that cost (pppn) several hundred dollars per person per night (for example, The Intercontinental ), about mid-range hotels (like the Ndeke ), which is about $ 50 per night cost, to simple accommodations, such as the ChaChaCha Backpackers , where we also pppn for 5-15 USD still get a decent accommodation. There are virtually in every price-range and upscale a wide range. Generally, you safer than in more expensive hotels in cheap accommodation. Currently (as of 07/2011) Unfortunately there are only a few mid-range accommodation. However, they are in the areas of tourist interest in the building.

Outside the tourist areas it may be difficult to find a good accommodation. Those who place value on luxury, should consider whether they want to travel too far to more remote parts of the country. However, there are several camps to luxury lodges, offering every conceivable comfort at corresponding prices. On the other hand, there the small hotels offer an authentic experience, which probably will be remembered in a positive way for a long time. There is probably nowhere in the world as a second hotel, the Castle Hotel in Lundazi.

Another good way to stay in one of the many camps with camping . Here rank the prices between 5 and 20 USD pppn for 1 tent (as of 07/2011). These prices usually include also 4WD with roof tents. In particular, on the outskirts of large cities and on the fringes of national parks, they offer an inexpensive alternative to expensive lodges that make up the camps frequently. Who is this self-powered, can save a lot of money (around 100-150 U.S. $ / day), but stock up with supplies in major cities. Basically it should be remembered that the stockpiling of food by the camp a high cost factor and thus result in high prices. Finally, all with the car or truck to get to in the bush.

The camps have become a very good standard. Sun running (hot) water is in the bush shower, bar, washing machine or an Internet terminal for standard equipment. Its own website you can now sufficient information about the respective accommodation. Inquiries are typically answered in less than a day and there is great willingness to help.

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zambia resort

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zambia river

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zambia nature

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zambia houses

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zambia map

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