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Yushan, Taiwan

by WCC on March 8, 2012

in Asia

The Yu Shan is 3,952 m above sea level the highest mountain in Taiwan . It is located in central Taiwan at the intersection of the counties Nantou , Kaohsiung and Chiayi . About ten miles south of the summit runs the northern tropic .

yushan 550x412 Yushan, Taiwan


To the west of the mountain was called Mount Morrison after the captain of the freighter USS Alexander, W. Morrison, who the Yu Shan in 1857 first mentioned in writing. During the ongoing 1895-1945 Japanese rule over the island he was Niitakayama ( Japanese 新高山 , dt ‘new, high mountain “) called. With the words, ” climbs the mountain Niitaka “began Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto on 2 December 1941 , the attack on Pearl Harbor operation .

The Yu Shan is embedded in the set up in 1985 named after him, Yushan National Park . This is an area of 1054.9 km ² of the largest of the five national parks in Taiwan and covers the four counties Nantou, Hualien , Kaohsiung and Chiayi.

yushan wallpaper 550x389 Yushan, Taiwan

yushan wallpaper

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yushan taiwan

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yushan sunrise

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yushan mountain

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