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by WCC on January 16, 2012

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Yokohama is a city and administrative headquarters of Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture and a major industrial and commercial city. Yokohama is part of the metropolitan area of Tokyo . It is – to Tokyo – the second largest city in Japan and thus the largest municipality in the country.

yokohama skyline Yokohama

yokohama skyline

Yokohama is located on the western side of Tokyo Bay and offers a thriving commercial port.Until the opening of the seaport in 1859 was at this place was a fishing village. As the 1853 U.S. Commodore Matthew Perry and his fleet of nine steam ships in the bay of Edo (now Tokyo Bay, Yokohama before the later) ended up forcing it so until then almost completely isolated Japan to open up. This was the place to a central hub for international trade. The geographical location (about 30 miles south of Tokyo), it was the Shogun appear as an ideal place for a foreigner settlement. On an island was a first insular settlement for foreigners, The Bluff called. At the same time came the British, American and Dutch garrisons. At the beginning of individual foreign consulates were housed in temples.

In the following years building came here for the subsidiaries of foreign companies that still characterize the cityscape in the port area. In the Meiji period was the trade and the production of silk is an important industry. 1872 ran between Tokyo and Yokohama, the first railway in Japan. On 1 April 1889, Yokohama, with the introduction of modern authorities the status of a major city ( shi ). In 1923 the city of Tokyo was like the neighboring Great Kanto Earthquake heavily damaged. 1942, the population exceeded one million. In 2002, Yokohama was the final of the soccer World Cup between Brazil and Germany .

yokohama night Yokohama

yokohama japan

yokohama japan Yokohama

yokohama japan

yokohama city Yokohama

yokohama city

yokohama Yokohama


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