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Yoho National Park

by WCC on February 20, 2012

in North America

Yoho National Park is a 1313 km ² of Canadian National Park in the province of British Columbia on the main ridge of the Rocky Mountains . He belongs with the Banff National Park , the Jasper National Park and Kootenay National Park and the Provincial Park Mount Assiniboine , Mount Robson and Hamber for World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

yoho national park Yoho National Park

yoho national park

The park lies in the high mountains of the Rocky Mountains and is bordered to the east of the Banff National Park and south of the Kootenay National Park. Across the park is a railway line of the Union Pacific Railway and the Trans-Canada Highway , from the Golden over the Kicking Horse Pass to Lake Louise leads. Only municipality in the park’s field with about 250 inhabitants. The highest mountain in the park is the 3567 meter high Mount Goodsir , alongside 27 other mountains lies at an altitude of 3,000 meters in the park area. Many mountains are glaciers, the largest glacier is the Icefield Waputik- and -Wapta Icefield to the north of the park. The park contains several mountain lakes, the most famous are the Lake O’Hara and Emerald Lake , and numerous waterfalls. The Takakkaw Falls with a height of 254 meters, the third highest waterfall in Canada.

The mountains in the park belong to the western of the three main ranges of the Rocky Mountains. During the mountain building of the mountains were less unfolded , but in blocks raised . Enclosed by quartzite are the limestone and sandstone hills more resistant to erosion by glaciation and got a rugged look. North-east of Field, between the mountains and Mount Field Mount Wapta, is the formation of the Burgess Shale , one of the most important fossil sites dating from the middle Cambrian . The Burgess Shale fossils of over 120 marine animals from before 515 million years were found. The fossil site of international importance has significantly contributed to the Yoho National Park is counted as a World Heritage Site.

emerald lake yoho national park Yoho National Park

emerald lake yoho national park

In the park there is a rough, local mountain climate. The park is located on the western side of the Continental Divide and receives more precipitation than the areas further east of the Rocky Mountains. Field can be measured in an annual average of 314 millimeters of precipitation as rain and 332 inches of snow fall. The average summer temperature is 12.5 ° C, the maximum temperatures are 20 ° C, at 1500 meters altitude frost and snow in summer is not unusual. Minimum temperatures in winter are at -15 ° C.

The animal and plant life in Yoho National Park is not significantly different from those in Banff or Jasper. At the lowest points in the park grows, as in Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Park still places the rain forest of the temperate latitudes of western American hemlock , giant trees of life and hedgehogs force Wurzen , but otherwise the woods are in the valleys and lower mountain slopes in the park of Engelmann spruce and Rocky Mountain pines . Lake O’Hara and other places is the forest in subalpine meadows with groups of rocky mountain larch over. Often, the coniferous forests of outgoing avalanches are grown only in bush form, they are interspersed with berry bushes and wild flowers. Of the large mammals are mountain goats most frequently in the park. There are bighorn sheep , elk , mule deer and elk in the park area. In the woods at Lake O’Hara, most live grizzly bears in the park due to high bear activity are often blocked in the summer of hiking trails. At Hoodoo Campground frequently seen black bears in the swamp near the Deerlodge cabin, there are large beaver dams.

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