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Yogyakarta, Indonesia

by WCC on March 22, 2012

in Asia

Yogyakarta , short Yogya , pronunciation: Dschogdschakarta, different spelling Jogjakarta , is a town in the center of the Indonesian island of Java . The city, together with the neighboring city of Surakarta , the center of traditional Javanese culture and due to its numerous universities and the educational center of the archipelago.

Yogyakarta 550x357 Yogyakarta, Indonesia


In 2004, 511 744 people lived in Yogyakarta ² to 32.8 km. The population of the entire municipal area, which extends far to the two adjacent counties (Kabupaten) Sleman and Bantul is estimated at 1.5 million. During the Indonesian War of Independence 1945-1949 Yogyakarta was the capital of Indonesia.

For courtly performing arts performances by including gamelan music and wayang game. From the beginning of the 18th until the beginning of the 20th Century, particularly in the Kraton wayang wong , the spectacle of painted with care, but unmasked male actors. The batik -dyeing is a part of Javanese arts and crafts.

Nationally: The Adisucipto International Airport is Yogya in the international air transport ( Kuala Lumpur tied). The stations Tugu station (for the transport business and executive class) and bind Lempuyangan station (trains for economy class) on the cities of Yogyakarta Jakarta , Bandung , Surakarta and Surabaya on. Coaches and minibuses connect with the Yogyakarta region and all major cities of the island.

In urban areas: in Yogya are buses, taxis and motorcycle taxis that transport to cover long distances. In some parts of the city, there are traditional means of transportation such as bicycle rickshaws (becak). The Indonesian rickshaw driver sits behind the variation of the passengers. Becakfahrer wait in many parts of the city willing to cash-passenger mark and thereby to some extent the city. In the area around Jalan Malioboro can also horse-drawn carriages (Kuda Andong) rely for transport.

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Yogyakarta Merapi

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Yogyakarta Beaches

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