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by WCC on February 21, 2012

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Yerevan is the capital and with 1,201,322 inhabitants (2009) largest city in Armenia. Yerevan is the economic, cultural and scientific center of the country and is due to the size of the city has its own province. The area of Yerevan since the 4th Millennium BC settled. Fortified settlements from the Bronze Age can be seen in Schengavit find Tsitsernakaberd, Karmir Blur, Arin Berd, Karmir Berd and Berdadzor. The Urartian settlement Erebuni since 782 BC detectable. It was the king of Argišti I founded to the newly conquered territory in the Araxes valley (province ‘Aza) to secure. The Urartian also built irrigation systems and reservoirs. Rusa II built Teišebai URU southwest of present-day Yerevan, on the hill Karmir Blur, Erebuni, the old capital was abandoned. 585 BC Teišebai URU was destroyed, perhaps by Scythians and Medes.

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Between 6 and 4 Century BC, Yerevan was one of the centers of the satrapy of Armenia in the Achaemenid Empire. The first church in Yerevan was the St. Peter and Paul Church, in the 5th Founded century and damaged 1931. Yerevan, the beginning of the 20th Century still a backwater of Czarist Russia, has become the capital of Armenia, where in addition to developing the industry a boost in education, research and the national culture was recorded. Within a few decades, the population has nearly thirteen-fold.

The city emerged plants of electrical, chemical, metal, textile, machinery, light and food industry (including the Yerevan Brandy Company). Yerevan is the most important transportation hub in the country with roads, railways, metro Yerevan and Yerevan airport has become. Metro is supplemented by the trolleybus Yerevan. The city sits the Yerevan State University and a number of other research institutions, universities and technical schools. Yerevan is the center of the Armenian financial sector, all commercial banks, the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian Stock Exchange are headquartered here.

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