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Yangtze River, China

by WCC on March 1, 2012

in Asia

The Yangtze River is the longest river in China . With 6380 kilometers of which 2800 km navigable are, he is also the longest river in Asia and after the Nile and the Amazon, the third longest river in the world. Its headwaters located in the highlands of Tibet to Qinghai . At its mouth in the East China Sea , he leads an annual average of 31 900 cubic meters of water per second.

yangtze river 550x338 Yangtze River, China

yangtze river

The Yangtze River plays in the way the Chinese are a great role. He divides China into north and south China and was the site of many important events in Chinese history. This counts as its crossing by the People’s Liberation Army during the Chinese Civil War on 21 April 1949 and the mid-20th Existing right-century Western powers, with the river gunboats to sail.

The Yangtze River rises in the Tanggula Shan , within a several hundred square kilometers in the source area west of the province of Qinghai . Nearly 1,500 kilometers downstream, the river forms a sharp hairpin curve ( ⊙ ) , in the course, distracted by a limestone massif, around the date in south-east flowing river after several changes of direction at the Great Bend of Shigu ( ⊙ ) around and continues to flow through the Tiger Leaping Gorge in north-east.

In Shiluoke the river changes direction again and flows south to the town Chitian. After a 90-degree curve to the east of the river reached after about 55 kilometers from the city Rubeidi, from where he once again turns in a northeasterly direction. In Gelipingzhen the river changes direction to the east of the Yangtze River to just above the mouth of the south, coming from Xiao Jiang retains at Yenjuping. From there the river flows mostly in the northeast.

In Xinshizhen a 180 ° loop is followed by a change of direction to east-southeast to the city of Yibin . There ends the Min Jiang coming from the northwest in the Yangtze River (up to here: Jinshan Jiang), which from there northeast to Chongqing flows.

yangtze river sunset 550x412 Yangtze River, China

yangtze river sunset

yangtze river map 550x215 Yangtze River, China

yangtze river map

yangtze river dolphin 550x356 Yangtze River, China

yangtze river dolphin

yangtze river dam 550x439 Yangtze River, China

yangtze river dam

yangtze river cruise 550x371 Yangtze River, China

yangtze river cruise

yangtze river china 550x412 Yangtze River, China

yangtze river china

yangtze river bridge 550x352 Yangtze River, China

yangtze river bridge

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