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Yakushima Island, Japan

by WCC on March 16, 2012

in Asia

Yakushima Island is one of the Osumi Islands of the Nansei Islands in Kagoshima Prefecture , about 60 kilometers from the Japanese mainland. On the island there is the same community Yakushima . Yakushima is located 60 kilometers from Kyushu, southern Cape Sata (on the Osumi Peninsula ) from the Kagoshima Prefecture . The island has an area of 503 sq km, a perimeter of 132 km and a diameter of 28 km. The highest mountain is not only the island but also the greater region of Kyushu , the Miyanoura with 1935 meters.
Every year the island of more than 300,000 tourists visited that are targeting mainly due to the dense evergreen moist forest. Yakushima is due to Yakushima Airport and two ports that are served by ferries, in connection with the mainland.

Yakushima Island 550x343 Yakushima Island, Japan

Yakushima Island

Most residents had Yakushima 1960 with 24 010 people. By ca.1995, the number dropped to 13 698 and then remained stable at this level. The economic structure changed to the more secular export of wood products over coastal and oranges grown infrastructure and tourism as the main source of income.They say that it’s raining “35 days a month” on Yakushima. In the plains the annual rainfall is 4,000 mm, 8,000 mm in the mountains. In autumn and winter there are periods of drought, but in spring and summer, violent downpours, coupled with landslides almost every year. The temperature in winter drops below 10 ° C in non-marine environment (water temperature not below 19 ° C), however, is the southernmost town of Yakushima Japan, where in winter there is snow in the mountains. In summer the temperature reaches its maximum at nearly 30 ° C at 1000 m altitude.

In 1993, the Japanese cedar forest (“cedar forest”, Cupressus japonica) from Yakushima due to its rich flora , especially the Yaku-Sugi – 1.900 very durable sickle pine – and impressive Rhododrendren (flowering in early June), the UNESCO for World Heritage site declared. The oldest specimen is the Jōmon Sugi , who has been the history of Japan, the Jōmon-time exists, with different measurements of the age Jahre 2170-7200 range.

Yakushima Island River 550x386 Yakushima Island, Japan

Yakushima Island River

Yakushima Island Japan 550x365 Yakushima Island, Japan

Yakushima Island Japan

Yakushima Island 550x343 Yakushima Island, Japan

Yakushima Island

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