Wisconsin has been an American in the region of the Midwest. Wisconsin is known as the “Dairy State”, State of Dairies, the largest production of milk and dairy products. The countryside is dotted with traditional farmhouses with red barns flanked by tall silos to store feed for the inevitable black and white cows. There are plenty of cheeses, virtually every town.

Wisconsin has 5 regions:

Southeastern Wisconsin – largest cities are Kenosha , Milwaukee (Wisconsin’s largest city), Racine , and Waukesha .

Southwest Wisconsin – La Crosse and Madison (the capital and seat of the University of Wisconsin).

Northeast Wisconsin – with the cities of Appleton (Houdini central), Green Bay , and Oshkosh .

Central Wisconsin –  largest city as Wausau .

Northwest Wisconsin – the cities of Eau Claire and Superior



The climate is continental in Wisconsin, the summer can be hot and the winters are bitterly cold in general. Summer: On the shores of fresh wind that starts the summer pleasant, however, domestic hot and dry or too humid, with sultry discharged during the periods of strong thunderstorms. Temperatures go up to almost 33 degrees (slightly cooler at the coast). There can also be quite cold and a jacket is always an advantage in Wisconsin!



The winter: Here it can be extremely cold, the coastal wind persists. In the Northeast it is the coldest temperatures of below -25 degrees here can be measured. The South is only partly “warmer”, but it can also be cold to -20 degrees. Snow will be immediately and can make the roads smooth as glass.