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Whitehorse is the capital of the territory of Yukon in Canada . It has 26,700 inhabitants (2011) and has its town charter in 1950. Whitehorse was named after the construction of a hydroelectric power station disappeared rapids (Whitehorse Rapids) of the Yukon River . Their combs looked like the manes of white horses.

From 1896, during the Klondike gold rush , Whitehorse was an important trading center for the supplies of gold seekers. Since 1900, a railway line linking the White Pass & Yukon Railroad , the port town of Skagway ( Alaska ) to Whitehorse. The city continued to develop as an important transportation hub for river steamers, which over the Yukon River, which took care of the northern areas of the territory.

The city experienced a second boom in 1942 with the construction of the Alaska Highway and the associated arrival of thousands of American soldiers. In 1953 the seat of the territorial capital was from Dawson to Whitehorse moved.

Not just for the core city neighborhoods include the so-called Porter Creek, Riverdale, Granger, Crestview, Cowley Creek, Marsh Lake , Copper Ridge, Valley View, Hillcrest, and Lobird Takhini and the settlement of the Kwanlin Dun First Nation . Whitehorse to agglomerate but are somewhat more remote locations such as Ibex Valley. As early as 8000 BC people lived in the region, such finds at Annie Lake show south of Whitehorse. They survived two silting and a volcanic eruption with massive ash fall.


With the Klondike gold rush (1896-1898) were more than 100,000 people in the Yukon, most of them moved downstream towards Dawson. On 13 June 1898 was split off from the Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories and was thus an independent status and a police force. Dawson was the capital until 1952. In the 1920s, the population broke in again, so that the territory had only 4,000 inhabitants.

His flourished Whitehorse during the Second World War, when the Alaska Highway was built. In addition, a built pipeline to Norman Neill at Mackenzie . For the construction of 2560 km long pipeline about 10,000 workers were hired. While Dawson was almost deserted, grew up in Whitehorse, capital of the territory soon, to the capital and administrative center approach, where nearly three-quarters of the population lived. Of these, around two-fifths work in public service. With the Yukon Territory Act, the 2003 received the status of a Canadian province.

White Horse is by airplane over the Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport reached, what’s his name since 2008. Regular flights go to Vancouver , Calgary , Edmonton , Fairbanks (summer only), and once a week to Frankfurt (from May to September). The airport was built during the Second World War and was associated with the construction of the Alaska Highway. Here, two runways were built 1941-1942. From 1960, the buildings served by the military as a terminal for civilian traffic, and were later (1985) replaced by modern buildings. Meanwhile, the city’s airport has been expanded. Main road link is still called the Alaska Highway , but more roads connect the capital with the few permanently inhabited settlements in the territory.

The White Pass and Yukon Railway connects the town to Skagway in Alaska, the scheduled train service was discontinued in October 1982. In the spring of 2007 he was in the context of plans for expansion resumed, further expansion plans for a railway Carmacks and direction to the coast are being planned. A small bank of railway, as a “trolley” known drives, for a piece of tourists along the Yukon. She goes by the Rotary Peace Park at the south end of town to the north end to Spook Creek Station.

Until well into the 1950s, the Yukon was the shipping, but the traffic could cross the river does not prevail, since the capital was moved from Dawson to Whitehorse. The main public transport is therefore the bus from Whitehorse Transit is operated. Whitehorse is the starting point for numerous kayaking or canoeing, which can travel 740 km to Dawson. On the banks of the Yukon-stream are corresponding rental stations.