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Waterton Lakes National Park

by WCC on February 20, 2012

in North America

Waterton Lakes National Park is located south of the Canadian province of Alberta right on the border with Montana.┬áThe Waterton Lakes National Park in 1895 as the fourth National Park established in Canada and received its name from three lakes ( Waterton Lakes : Upper – Middle – Lower). Since 1979 he is a biosphere reserve . It borders with its rugged mountains directly to the U.S. Glacier National Park and with it forms the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park , in 1995 by the UNESCO for World Heritage Site was declared. The area of the park is 525 sq km, the highest elevation is 2920 m with the Mount Blakiston . In Waterton Lakes National Park, the eponymous chain of lakes located at the junction between the endless prairies of the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains , which are here because of the Lewis overthrust lift without any foothills of the plane.

waterton lake national park Waterton Lakes National Park

waterton lakes national park

Since it is a cross-border park is extensive, it is the peace parks counted. The two national parks form the core of the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem , a large ecosystem that extends far into the Rocky Mountains on National Parks.
The park is open year round, peak season is from July to August.

The park is named after a series of three lakes that have been appointed by the Lieutenant Thomas Blakiston , in the Palliser Expedition ( 1857 to 1860 ), in honor of Charles Waterton (1782-1865), naturalist and English explorer. The park is located at the southwest corner of Alberta , at 270 km south of Calgary and 130 km southwest of Lethbridge . Its western and southern boundaries respectively follow the borders of British Columbia and the State of Montana ( USA ). The park is bordered on the south by the Glacier National Park , east of the provincial park Akamina-Kishinena (British Columbia).

 Waterton Lakes National Park

waterton national park

waterton lake national park winter Waterton Lakes National Park

Located in the Rocky Mountains , the park belongs to link Clark , the mountain range the southernmost of the Rockies in Canada. The altitude in the park ranges from 1280 m to the output of the Waterton River at 2904 m at the summit of Mount Blakiston . The park is connected to British Columbia by three mountain passes, the passes Akamina ( 1799 m ) 5 , Kootenay and South Sage.

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