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Washington State is a U.S. state in the extreme northwest of the United States of America in the Pacific Northwest region. Places; Olympia – the capital of the state, Bellevue, Friday Harbor, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, and Vancouver. The climate of Washington varies from west to east, basically. While in the western part of the state prevails a mild and humid, oceanic climate embossed, it is east of the Cascade Range, it is much colder and drier. The average annual temperatures vary between 10.6 ° C on the Pacific coast, and 4.4 ° C in the northeast. The lowest ever temperature was measured at Washington -44.4 ° C, determined in 1968; the absolute maximum temperature was 47.8 ° C in 1961.

Washington is English with Pacific Northwest-spoken accent. Some people speak Spanish rather than French . A pair of German cafes are available in Western Washington. There are direct flights to London , Paris and Frankfurt . In addition, many airports in the U.S. and Canada are served.

The best car transport for the region outside of Seattle. The major international car rental companies at every major airport to get updated very often and in large cities, the best book out of Germany because it is the cheaper way and also can take the same large insurance package. This saves you a lot worse then the car must be refueled for the return and it will not even say anything even if a scratch is drann times. Bus The bus network in Washington State is available but very undeveloped. Unfortunately, there are few connections Greyhound does not even have 30 stations in the state.

Track is also unfortunately only a very thin but also very present to ADVISED network. If you have the time and the size of the country should be aware of it, I can only recommend a tour to do with Amtrak. If you book early you can conveniently travel by train. There are three Amtrak Coast Starlight to Seattle to Los Angeles connections, the Amtrak Cascades from Vancouver to Eugene and the Empire Builder from Chicago to Seattle/Portland. Mass transit in Seattle Seattle has a well developed transportation network monorail, metro and bus.


The airplane airport density is very good. There are many small airfields for Privatemaschienen But there are also very good and convenient connections between major airports in Seattle and Spokane. The airports in Moses Lake, Wenatchee, Olympia, Richland and Yakima are difficult to obtain and expensive. The small airports are generally operated by small MACHINES. For example, from Seattle to Moses Lake was an 8-seater.