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Walt Disney World

by WCC on January 25, 2012

in North America

Walt Disney World in Florida is the largest leisure complex in the Walt Disney Company . It is located about 30 km southwest of Orlando , a city that has hosted many competing amusement parks such as Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld . The complex includes several Disney theme parks, many hotels and all related services. It’s a real city based on tourism and shaped by what Walt Disney Company and Disney called the Disney magic.

walt disney world Walt Disney World

walt disney world

The area covers over 27,400 acres (111 km 2 ) , slightly more than the city of Paris ( 105 km 2 ) or twice the island of Manhattan ( 50 km 2 ). The park was originally the population explosion and economic development of the city of Orlando, especially its airport and the hotel sector.

Walt Disney negotiated with the State of Florida for the area may have a court like a city. This is the signature of the Reedy Creek Act that created in 1965 the equivalent of a town run by a private company, the first of its kind.
The park actually belongs to several companies all subsidiaries of the Walt Disney Company including Walt Disney World Company and Walt Disney Travel Company . Walt Disney had arranged an important “financial arrangement” with front companies to dilute the part of the Walt Disney Company in this important project.
It has its own currency valid in any domain, Disney Dollars , redeemable at the rate of 1 to 1, with the U.S. dollar .

walt disney florida Walt Disney World

walt disney world florida

The history of the complex dates back to the years following the opening in California ‘s first park company Disney, Disneyland . Walt Disney wanted to make this park a Magic Kingdom in the full sense of the word. But he realized that his kingdom around attracting developers pay little heed to the quality of the set he wanted. So he decided to build another park in which he mastered the countryside.┬áThe first park of Walt Disney World opened on 1 st October 1971 . And since, thanks to the huge area, Walt Disney Company was able to open several other parks, many hotels and a world surrounding the image “intended by its creator,” a world of illusion.

walt disney world castle Walt Disney World

walt disney world castle

The first closing of the park occurred during Hurricane Floyd in 1999, causing evacuations across the region.
The entire complex of Walt Disney World Resort closed on September 11, 2001 and reopened the next day. The hotel remained open but the rest of the recreation area was closed to prevent the visitors are the target of a further terrorist attack.
Hurricanes Charley and Frances spent in the region during the summer of 2004, resulting in two new closures. Also in 2005, several hurricanes did close the entire complex.

walt disney world map Walt Disney World

walt disney world map

Part of the park completed in 1971 and built on the model of Disneyland , its emblem is the Cinderella Castle . Seven “country” is composed by theme and include the most famous attractions of Disney.
Although this is the oldest park of the complex and also the smallest, it is always the Magic Kingdom that attracts more visitors. This is the only park that Walt Disney wanted to build the complex, others were decided after his death. Walt wanted the area to become a futuristic city, EPCOT.

walt disney world resort Walt Disney World

walt disney world resort

This is a permanent international exhibition in two parts, opened on 1 st October 1982 , Future World and the future technologies, the other World Showcase presents eleven nations. The emblem is a huge geosphere called “Spaceship Earth” ( Spaceship Earth ). The opening ceremony was not held until October 24 of that year.
Many houses which opened later Horizons just a year later, now replaced by Mission: Space . Unfortunately its very educational side does not a place of entertainment. More houses were all sponsored major U.S. groups that made visitors feel some discomfort, a feeling of forced consumption. Sponsors gradually disappeared because they refused to renew contracts with the Disney company, the price exceeded the return on investment. The current leaders of Disney but try to renew the offer of the park by removing the side a little daunting.

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