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Villaricca Chile

by WCC on May 29, 2012

in South America

Villaricca is a city in southern Chile in the Región de la Araucania. Villarrica is located about 85 km southeast of Temuco on the western shores of Lake Villarrica . The Lago Villarrica has an area of approximately 176 square kilometers and a maximum depth of 165 m. At the lake there are many beautiful beaches. He is the source of the river Río Toltén. Southeast of the city is the active volcano Villarrica with 2840 m height.

Villarrica Villaricca Chile Villarrica

Reached in 1551 Pedro de Valdivia , the area around Lake Villarrica . On 23 April 1552 founded Jerónimo de Alderete , the city of Santa María Magdalena de la Villa Rica . However, the city had to 1554-1559 after massive Mapucheangriffen be abandoned. Founded in 1559 García Hurtado de Mendoza, the city anew. 1575 the city was by the volcano Villarrica heavily destroyed, killing 350 people. From 1597 again began massive Mapucheangriffe and the city was completely abandoned in 1602. The Spaniards retreated for a long time from the area.

Villarrica Chile Villaricca Chile Villarrica Chile Villarrica Volcano Villaricca Chile Villarrica Volcano Villarrica Lake Villaricca Chile Villarrica Lake

Tourism is the main source of income in Villarrica, in particular the lake Lago Villarrica volcano and the Villarrica attract a lot of tourists. East of the lake are two national parks, the National Park Villarrica and the National Park Huerquehue .

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