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Vilcabamba Ecuador

by WCC on June 9, 2012

in South America

Vilcabamba is a village in the Ecuadorian province of Loja. It is situated at 1,600 meters above sea level with year-round mild, spring-like climate in the temperature range between 18 and 28 ° C. From October to May rainy season from June to September dry season. The most pleasant time to visit is from September to January. Vilcabamba has about 4200 inhabitants. The concept of Vilcabamba comes from the Quechua word meaning “Sacred Valley” (Vilca = “holy”, bamba= “valley”). The modern settlement was established on 1 September 1756 by Luis Fernando de la Vega was founded.

Vilcabamba Ecuador Vilcabamba Ecuador

Vilcabamba Ecuador

Vilcabamba is known mainly for its long-lived people, it is also called the “Valley of the Hundred Years”. The reason for this is controversial, researchers attributed the high level attained age and the high level of vitality to the negative ionic charge of the air caused by the nightly electrical storms, to the perfect mineral balance in the water all year round healthy climate, a balanced diet and the constant movement.

Other medical studies indicate the reason for the longevity of the inhabitants of Vilcabamba following factors:

  • Simplicity and modest life
  • absolutely natural foods with no pesticides, but the total mineral content of the soil, fruits and vegetables
  • Coffee consumption
  • Smoking of datura (effect of marijuana and cocaine together, without harming the body).
Vilcabamba Vilcabamba Ecuador


Vilcabamba Mountains Vilcabamba Ecuador

Vilcabamba Mountains

The people of Vilcabamba are easily 120 years old and this is at full health, with mountain climbing, with all the teeth, with eyes full of function, complete with farm work and in full sexual activity – and alcohol is no problem. The main road from Vilcabamba bears because the name “Avenue of Eternal Youth” (“avenida de la Eterna Juventud”). “Diseases of old age” does not exist, but the enjoyment of life comes to the end. The people then die within a week each in the highest age.

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