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Verona, Italy

by WCC on May 10, 2012

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Verona is a city in Veneto in northern Italy. It has 263,964 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2010) and is the capital of the province of Verona. Verona is situated on the Adige, about 59 m above sea level at the outlet of the so-called torch-line in the Po Valley. Since 2000, the historic center of Verona is part of the world cultural heritage.

verona Verona, Italy


Verona was in pre-Christian times was founded by the Reti and Euganeans was around 550 BC by the Gallic tribe of Cenomani conquered and was only from 89 BC Roman colony. The well-preserved amphitheater – the Arena – first arose more than a century later. Only as a colony of Emperor Augustus, was a great city of Verona. Decius suggested here 249 the Emperor Philip the Arab, Constantine the 312 Pompe Janus (Battle of Verona). 402 succeeded Stilicho here a victory over Alaric (Battle of Verona). Attila plundered and devastated the town of 452. Then she was next to Pavia and Ravenna residence of the Ostrogothic Theodoric, one of the 489 Odoacer was defeated in the legend of Dietrich of Bern is. From this period dates the old name of the city, “Dietrich of Bern”. Furthermore, in ancient times was called “Nova-Bern” in use.

In the 5th and 6 Century Verona was not only the residence of the Ostrogoths, but also for the Lombard king Alboin, until it came to the Frankish kingdom. From 952 Verona belonged to Mark County of Verona, and thus to the Duchy of Bavaria and respectively (from 976) to Carinthia. Only at the beginning of the 12th Century Verona had its own independent and civic rights. 1184 found the Council of Verona instead.

In the fight against Emperor Frederick I, Verona stood at the head of the Lombard Cities. Then there was the party struggles of the aristocratic parties, the Montecchi (Ghibellines) and the San Bonifazio (Guelph), shaken. At the beginning of the 13th Century, seized the Ezzelini, the protectors of the Montagues, the city. After the death of Ezzelino da Romano (1259) chose the Verona 1260 Mastino I della Scala, the head (Podesta), whose family ruled 127 years long and Cangrande I della Scala reached its highest power and prosperity.

verona streets Verona, Italy

verona streets

verona piazza delle erbe Verona, Italy

verona piazza delle erbe

verona market Verona, Italy

verona market

1387 Verona was under Milan, 1405 under Venice domination. After the end of the Republic of Venice Verona was in the Peace of Campo Formio, 1797, Austria, and the previous one, anti-French uprising of Veronese Easter was bloodily suppressed. Under Austrian rule, the city was part of the northern Italian Quadrilateral (it.: Quadrilateral), in 1815 in defense of the Austrian possessions in Italy in the towns of Peschiera, Mantova (Mantua), Legnano and Verona was built. The expansion of 1833-1866 was a pioneer of Austrian engineer, designed the General Franz Scholl made. Verona in 1866 came as a result of the German War to the Kingdom of Italy.

Today the city is its proximity to Lake Garda and Venice is a popular destination for tourists and business hub of the Veneto region. 2000, the old town of Verona, which was listed as a UNESCO world heritage included.

verona italy Verona, Italy

verona italy

verona city Verona, Italy

verona city

verona girls Verona, Italy

verona girls

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