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Vernazza, Italy

by WCC on June 6, 2012

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Vernazza is a town in the province of La Spezia in the region Liguria in Italy. This is one of the localities that make up the Cinque Terre. Continuing eastward, after Monterosso, Vernazza is reached. The site is perched on a small rocky promontory, and once the most prosperous of the Cinque Terre. The castle of the family Doria and other medieval relics recall its rich economic past. Near the small harbor, the parish church of St Margaret of Antioch, flanked by a high octagonal tower, overlooking the sea The village is inaccessible by road.

vernazza Vernazza, Italy


The principal means of access are the train and coastal paths, very steep. Typicality of Vernazza in fact yet a major tourist destination in Liguria. On October 25, 2011, Vernazza was hit by torrential rains, floods and massive mudslides that left the town buried in more than four meters of mud and debris, causing over 100 million euros in damage. The town was evacuated.

vernazza wallpaper Vernazza, Italy

vernazza wallpaper

vernazza landscape Vernazza, Italy

vernazza landscape

vernazza italy Vernazza, Italy

vernazza italy

vernazza city Vernazza, Italy

vernazza city

vernazza beach Vernazza, Italy

vernazza beach

vernazza at night Vernazza, Italy

vernazza at night

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