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Vastly Diverse Europe

by WCC on January 11, 2012

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Europe is a continent which extends across the western fifth of the Eurasian land mass extends. Although it is geographically a subcontinent is, with the Asian continent along the Eurasian forms, it is usually justified historically and culturally as a separate continent considered. This indicates that the term “Europe” is not exhausted in the geographical definition, but also refers to historical, cultural, political, economic, legal and ideological aspects.

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Europe is on the east Asia no clear geographical or geological boundary. Therefore, those borders of Europe ‘a matter of social convention, a geographical definition of Europe is always arbitrary. After a well-known formulation of Bernard-Henri Lévy is Europe, “not a place but an idea.” In the following, for pragmatic reasons concerning the border between Europe and Asia, the definition of Johan Philip Berg of radiation used. Then form the Ural Mountains and flow of the eastern border of Europe. Between the Caspian and the Black Sea, the boundary line runs through the Manych lowlands north of the Caucasus Mountains, in its place once shared a strait, the Caspian Sea with the Black Sea.

Overall, Europe an area of approximately 10.5 million square kilometers and is after Australia’s second smallest continent. The northernmost point of mainland Europe is on the peninsula north chin in Norway, is the southernmost of the Punta de Tarifa in Spain, the westernmost of the Cabo da Roca in Portugal. The north-south extent is about 3800 km. In east-west direction, measures the European mainland about 6000 km, from the Ural Mountains in Russia to the Atlantic coast of Portugal.

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With over 700 million inhabitants is Europe’s most densely populated parts of the world. The average population density is about 65 square inhabitants/km. Especially in West, Central and Southern Europe, the population density is relatively high, while further north and east strongly decreases. The central concentration of population in Western, Central and Southern Europe, the ribbon-like stretches between the Irish Sea and the Mediterranean, under the name ” blue banana “as substantial economic and siedlungsgeografisch Megalopolis classified.

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