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in North America

Vancouver is the largest city in British Columbia , and the Metro Vancouver metropolitan region with 2.3 million inhabitants the third largest in Canada . She is known for its distinctive location between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains. Vancouver has a high quality of life, in such studies, it cuts out of the top 3 from. The high amount ausländischstämmiger Vancouver resident has an international flair and an image as a multicultural city. In Vancouver and Whistler 2010 Winter Olympic Games took place.

vancouver Vancouver


Vancouver is a relatively young city. As the discoverer of the region is George Vancouver , of which the city gave its name. He has 1792 for the first time mapped the coast line and put today’s British Columbia for the British Empire in possession.
The city was founded in 1861, largely influenced by the gold rush. In 1886 the town was devastated by a fire, all the buildings fell victim to the flames. The city has gained importance, especially because in the 1880s as western terminus of the Union Pacific Railway was chosen and now was to reach over the rail.

Vancouver grew at the beginning of the 20th Century rapidly. In 1911, the 100,000 population mark was exceeded. Cost Effectiveness flourished in commodity trade and the manufacturing sector.
Feminism , labor disputes and Probibition in Vancouver were important social issues in the first half of the 20th Century old architecture. The defense industry was in Vancouver in first and 2 World War II economic active and become a factor. After the second World War II and the ever-widening separation of Canada from Britain Vancouver was the most important commercial center and most influential city in western Canada. The city got a new image and increased prosperity.
In today’s cityscape Asians are an integral part. In the late 20th Century many people migrated Asian origin (mainly from Hong Kong made by) Vancouver – what the city its nickname Hongcouver was. Openness and cultural diversity contributed to the rapid integration process. The population today is about 50% of foreign origin, over a third are of Asian origin. It is no wonder that Vancouver to San Francisco hosts the second largest Chinatown in the world.
For the 1986 World Fair produced many attractions that now dominate the urban landscape: the Canada Place , Science World and BC Place . Also on the occasion of the World’s Fair was the Skytrain built.
Vancouver has become a fast growing city, the population of fast still in the air, the economy is flourishing and there is full employment. Vancouver has become the symbol of a modern, livable city and has long since ascended to the metropolis. Especially with the Olympic Winter Games in 2010 the town became internationally known and marketed as an attractive tourist destination.

vancouver canada Vancouver

vancouver canada

Lufthansa and Condor offer direct flights from Frankfurt to Vancouver, British Airways to fly daily from London to Berlin and Düsseldorf via Vancouver. With the national airline, Air Canada from Vancouver to reach all Canadian cities, continues to exist worldwide line offers.
The Vancouver airport is just outside, south of the city. It can be easily accessible by public transport to reach from downtown Vancouver (journey time 30 minutes). For $ 3.75 (2-zone ticket) take the Canada Line (from Waterfront , Vancouver City Center or Yaletown-Roundhouse ) and goes up to the terminal. Will you drive from the airport into the city, and you buy the ticket for the Canada Line in kiosks at airports, are currently (April 2010) $ 5 on it beat (YVR AddFare). This can be avoided if you have a DayPass FareSaver or a book (10 individual tickets) for pharmaceutical or 7-11 Great buys at the airport.
Continue driving for about $ 12 a bus, called the Airporter , the main hotels in the center. Currently a Skytrainlinie is built from the center to the airport, this will be the beginning of September completed in 2009. Since this line is now in operation, was the Airporter was 30 September 2009 set.
Apart from the commercial aircraft can also be reached by float plane to and from Vancouver. Several times a day, for example, flying Harbour Air to Victoria. The flight takes 35 minutes.

vancouver skyline Vancouver

vancouver skyline

Travel by rail is uncommon and expensive in Canada. The railway is designed more to tourists than to ordinary travelers with their offers. In spring and summer runs ‘The Canadian’ by VIA Rail Canada , the Toronto-Winnipeg-Edmonton line-Jasper-Vancouver. In summer a train leaves daily the route Vancouver-Whistler (The Whistler Mountaineer), exists throughout the year, the Seattle-Vancouver connection of the American railroad company Amtrak .
All trains arrive at the Pacific Central Station at (crossing Main St & Terminal St Skytrain station: Main Street).

The two major North American bus company Greyhound and Gray Line stopping at many cities throughout Western Canada and Western USA. Among the most popular destinations are certainly Victoria with Pacific Coach Line (including ferry ride), Whistler and Seattle. To these destinations run several times a day buses. The prices are reasonable.
All intercity buses at the Pacific Central Station at (crossing Main St & Terminal St Skytrain station: Main Street).

vancouver city Vancouver

vancouver city

In the (inner) city is getting around, recommended especially for longer distances with the skytrain, a runaway mine train. There are two lines that go downtown, but both lines on the same route. Since September 2009 there is also a third line that runs from downtown to the airport.
You can access an extensive bus network to fall back on, every major road leading a line. If you drive around a lot is a day pass ($ 9), well that applies to almost all public transportation. He is also responsible for the Seabus valid, the North Vancouver translates to downtown (12min crossing, every 15min). North Vancouver has a good chance of not having to drive your car into the city: you can park at the Lonsdale Quay and then moves to the Seabus across to Downtown, on fine days, a great skyline views included! Pier is right next to Canada Place ( Waterfront Station ). Links to bus and skytrain exists here.
To quickly get to the bus to more distant parts of the city, it is recommended to use the express lines 97B and 99B. They run from Lougheed Station to Coquitlam Station or from Broadway Station to UBC .

vancouver mountain Vancouver

vancouver mountain

You can go shopping along Robson Street . Here one finds the usual chains and a number of independent stores. Almost all the exquisite fashion boutiques are located here. Granville Street and Burrard Street, which intersect the Robson Street in the north-south direction, are preferred by the locals used to go shopping. Souvenirs can be found particularly in Gastown (Water Street). As souvenirs are wood carvings, etc. often sold by local Indian tribes.
There is only one major shopping center in downtown, the Pacific Centre (intersection of Granville and W. Georgia Street). There are 250 different shops, the nearest Skytrain station is Granville Street.
Just outside the Metrotown shopping center (located in Burnaby). It’s with 470 stores, the second largest shopping center in Canada. Its own skytrain station (Metrotown) is available. Smaller shopping centers (so-called malls) are scattered across the city.

Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city. This is also reflected in the culinary peculiarities of the city. When you go out to eat, basically all you have open kitchens in the world. There are many international restaurants. Food is usually go cheap, definitely cheaper than in Germany. It is true that the dinner menu is usually slightly more expensive than the lunch menu. The prices are for a main course at $ 8-12.
The question of the typical Canadian food is difficult. That does not exist in fact. Each region has its own specialties, there is very little in common. The closest you get in a typical Canadian small breweries (eg Steamworks Brewing Company ).
Vancouver is typical for sushi, Japanese food then. The city is with sushi restaurants and snack bars strewn, the sushi is cheap and good (some people say that it would be the best sushi in the world). Who does not like the way raw fish (which is often understood as sushi), you get in Japanese restaurants, meat or vegetarian dishes. There are also many other Asian restaurants (Chinese, Vietnamese, etc). Occasionally there are also German clubs.
Good restaurants are located in Yaletown, on Broadway and in Gastown, exquisite seafood restaurants also at Coal Harbor.
Who wants to eat breakfast in the morning outside the home is either in a coffee shop à la Starbucks (in Vancouver available on every street corner) or in a café. Especially we can recommend Caffè Artigiano (5x in Vancouver).

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