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Valle de Elqui – Chile

by WCC on May 31, 2012

in South America

The Elqui Valley is a watershed, located in the Coquimbo region in Chile. The main river of this basin is the Elqui, born of the confluence of Clear and Turbio, from both of the Andes, and flows into the Pacific Ocean, a few kilometers north of the city of La Serena. In this Valley is located one of the many dams that have the region, Puclaro reservoir , located at 432 masl in an area known as Angostura Puclaro. It has a capacity of 200 million m³ of water. The valley benefits from its water resources and long periods of sunshine throughout the year, both excellent for the production of fruits, vegetables and, especially the cultivation of grapes for export and local production of pisco.

Valle de Elqui Valle de Elqui   Chile

Valle de Elqui

The skies are one of the clearest in the southern hemisphere, which is why international organizations have established astronomical observatories on the tops of the hills Pachón and Tololo.

El Valle de Elqui is one of the most visited places of Norte Chico of Chile , and is considered an energy center and phenomena associated with UFO by esoteric communities engaged in it.The valley is located Vicuña , the main city and birthplace of the Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1945 and the National Prize for Literature in 1951.

Valle de Elqui Chile Valle de Elqui   Chile

Valle de Elqui Chile

El Valle de Elqui Valle de Elqui   Chile

El Valle de Elqui

Valle de Elqui has attractions include the Museum Gabriela Mistral, the Observatory Mamalluca education, Viña Cavas del Valle, considered the highest in Chile, the Cerro Tololo Observatory , the production plant of Pisco CAPEL , and solar cookers Villaseca. At the top of the Valley, few people planted grape vineyards that match the lower Elqui Valley, where low ply waterways that serve as evacuation Andean ice.

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