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Utah – United States of America

by WCC on March 14, 2012

in North America

Utah is a state of the United States of America . The capital of Utah is Salt Lake City . The abbreviation is UT, the State is the nickname The Beehive State. The epithet explained by the fact that based thereon Mormons made ​​the beehive as a symbol of industriousness as a symbol of the state or territory. Other state symbols are next to the seagull as the state bird, the cherry fruit as a state, the Allosaurus as Staatsfossilie and the Colt M1911 as weapon state. Utah is thus the only state in which a weapon has this status.

utah Utah   United States of America


The neighboring states are Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. Limits as the only U.S. states with Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, the same four states at one point. Hence the name Four Corners, for both of these cut-off point and for the entire region is needed.

utah national park Utah   United States of America

utah national park

utah zion national park Utah   United States of America

utah zion national park

In Utah, there is an extreme desert climate, that there are relatively hot summer to 30 ° C and cold, snowy winters often below 0 ° C. The annual rainfall ranges from 200 to 700 mm and are distributed relatively evenly throughout the year. The area around Salt Lake City (1350m) is a popular winter sports resort, 2002, there were also the Olympic Winter Games take place.

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