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Ushuaia Tours in Argentina

by WCC on May 4, 2012

in South America

Ushuaia is said to be “the most southerly city in the world”. It is located in the Argentinean Tierra del Fuego at the southernmost tip of America. Overlooking the Beagle Channel, which connects the Atlantic (100km) at Pacific (80km), the city faces in Chile, on the other side of the canal. In summer, the city, relatively tourist, is the starting point for cruises to Antarctica, located 1,000 km. The south pole is 4000km.

Ushuaia Ushuaia Tours in Argentina

Mythical name if any, history of Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego in Patagonia , is also charged with mystery. From the 16th century and shipments of Magellan, Tierra del Fuego starts talking to her. Later in the 19th century, these are the voyages of Captain Fitz Roy and Darwin who continue to maintain the myth. Even today, the evocation of the land of fire raises so many questions.

This archipelago is named after the fires lit by the Yamana Indians, the explorers could see his way to the Pacific from offshore. Many shipwrecks occurred in this place particularly hostile. Cape Horn is a passage where the elements are often uncontrolled and yet many seasoned sailors have paid a heavy price. Beyond images of extreme loneliness and desolation that come to mind when talking about the land of fire , travel to Ushuaia is to visit one of the most south of our planet. Chilean side, Puerto Williams, a small town military is disputing the title of southernmost city in the world.

Ushuaia argentina Ushuaia Tours in Argentina

Ushuaia argentina

Ushuaia airport Argentina Ushuaia Tours in Argentina

Ushuaia airport Argentina


Attention, the weather changes very quickly in Ushuaia. Never hike or trip without a coat even though the morning seems clear. Conversely, not because dramatizing a day that starts very or covered with snow can end on a bright sun (it is used to say that we find sometimes the 4 seasons in one day … and it’s true). Remember that if you allew more in the mountains, there is colder and a lot more windy (bring the hat even in summer).

  • Summer (December to March) temperatures between 5 ° and 17 ° C and it’s light most of the day (December 21, the longest day, it’s only night from midnight to 2 am approximately).
  • In winter (July to September) it snows very often but the temperature rarely drops below -10 ° C. Unlike the summer, the days are short (from 9: 30 am to approximately 15 hours in winter)
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