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Vacation Guide in Uruguay

by WCC on February 13, 2012

in South America

Uruguay is one of the smaller countries of South America . It is bordered to the north of Brazil and the west by Argentina. “A house with a garden,” with this image like the Orientals describe their own country. The house, Montevideo , with over 1.5 million inhabitants, is the economic, cultural and political center of the country, other large cities, such as Paysandu and somersault in the northeast of the country look, with a few thousand inhabitants, and small villages. The garden of Uruguay is the infinite vast, flat hinterland, the Pampa, a few people who inhabited it all the more cattle and sheep.

uruguay Vacation Guide in Uruguay

Uruguay is to French Guiana and Suriname, the third smallest country in South America. It is a member of MERCOSUR and has, not only because of its geographical location, close relations with its neighbors Argentina and Brazil . The inhabitants speak Spanish as the only official language, even if their ancestors came from many European countries – come – including particularly Spain and Italy but also Germany and Armenia. This diversity is reflected in the culture of the country. Candombe love the Orientals as well as the Sudamericano Tango (Argentine tango), particularly by the Carlos Gardel, who was not (as is often claimed) Argentina, but was born in Uruguay. In the kitchen there are many influences. In addition to pasta and pizza to eat the little Oriental chicken and fish, although the country is on the Rio de la Plata and the Atlantic, but have so much beef. In a Parrillada weekend the men standing around the fire to prepare the grill, while the women prepare meat and sausages. Coffee and tea will be drunk only a little. The more people love their maté in Uruguay; everywhere you can see people drinking a thermos under his arm and the Matébecher with the bombilla in the hands of Maté.

montevideo Vacation Guide in Uruguay

There is a direct link between Frankfurt and Montevideo. Furthermore, there is a direct connection between Madrid and Montevideo, which is operated by Iberia. Pluna offers a flight with a stopover in Rio de Janeiro. Otherwise, some airlines offer U.S. domestic flights to Montevideo.

A cheaper alternative is to fly to Buenos Aires and from there by boat or by land to Uruguay. It offers three options: 1 direct high speed ferry from Buenos Aires to Montevideo, 2nd by ferry across the Rio de la Plata to Colonia and then by bus to Montevideo; 3 The bus ride from Buenos Aires to the Rio de la Plata to Montevideo and around.
The trip to Uruguay is not possible by train, since there are only a few dilapidated, inneruruguayische trains, which are mainly used for transporting goods. Are rail connections with other countries does not exist.

montevideo uruguay Vacation Guide in Uruguay

In the cities, taxis are relatively inexpensive and zuverlässlig (from about U.S. $ 4). In Montevideo, one should use the black and yellow taxis. Which have a clock which is also the driver always on. Disconcerting is that the clock is just the basis for a conversion chart. The prices that are demanded by the table, but they are correct. You should round up to full payment at the 10-division.

Spanish is spoken by all inhabitants of Uruguay. In tourist centers, it is advisable to make a basic vocabulary of Spanish words to master, even as English is not spoken widely. The Latin American Spanish differs sometimes significantly from the Castilian Spanish.

uruguay beach Vacation Guide in Uruguay

In Uruguay, there are two major universities. The Universidad de la Republica and Universidad Catolica. The school attendance and visits to high schools and universities is free of charge at public institutions. But there are a number of private educational institutions which are chargeable. The education system as a whole, however, Uruguay’s good and means that only about 4 percent of the population are Analphabethen, which is less than in many industrialized countries.

Uruguay is generally considered a safe destination. Extra attention is on his property anyway, especially in tourist areas and major cities, where there are some pickpockets. As Europeans should avoid some neighborhoods in Montevideo, since there can be attacked even in daylight. The purchase of firearms is allowed for Uruguayans to a certain caliber. The districts with large numbers of corrugated iron huts, such as Cerro Norte, La Paloma or Casabo should, if entered at all, accompanied by locals. The center of the city and the Old Town but South American relations rather safely. Handbags or value Gege items should not be left lying on the passenger seat.

uruguay city Vacation Guide in Uruguay

In almost all the hotels a wifi connection at no additional cost is standard. In many cafes and bars will also be offered WiFi for guests. You just have to ask for the key. Bring a WiFi-enabled mobile phone or a laptop with Skype is worth it. The call quality on Skype to Germany is very good if the wifi connection has the right quality.
Ferries, buses and flights can be booked online. Communication with hotels is also the easiest via email.

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