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Travel Guide to United States of America

by WCC on January 16, 2012

in North America

The United States of America is stretching from the Atlantic coast in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west. Consequently, the regions are very different. Here is a simplified overview of the regions that are relevant to the traveler (starting on the East Coast). In the U.S. there are over 10,000 cities and towns. The following is a list of nine of the most important lists. Other cities can be found in the region articles.

united states of america Travel Guide to United States of America

united states of america

Boston – The capital of Massachusetts retains many aspects of its colonial charm, but is still young by his many students.
Chicago – Chicago’s nickname is the “Windy City”. Bustling heart of the Midwest, transportation hub of the nation and known for its architectural marvels as well as for its massive skyscrapers.
Los Angeles – home of Hollywood and the film industries, with the palms blessed LA Mountains, beaches, sunshine, and almost everything that visitors from California dream.

united states of america statue of liberty Travel Guide to United States of America

Miami – Miami in extending some of the largest beaches in the country, where sun lovers from the North to meet immigrants from Latin America and the Caribbean who are looking for a new perspective.
Milwaukee – The home of the Harley Davidson – Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The city is the closest Germany on the United States. Many immigrants come from Germany. Milwaukee is also ‘the’ beer city badly out with companies like Miller.
New Orleans – Despite the devastating hurricane is “the Big Easy” is still famous for its atmospheric parts of the city from the French period and held annually for the Mardi gras festival.
New York – The largest city in America with a world-class cuisine, unique art exhibitions, one in the world rarely found on such diverse population and many other great highlights. Both marked a national symbol as well as most international.
San Francisco – One of the most photogenic cities in the world. The peculiar attractions of San Francisco offer directions and are a popular starting point for trips along the coast or to the Yosemite National Park.
Seattle – The green and rainy city is known for its trend-setter scene and the presence of international high-tech giants.
Washington (DC) – The capital of the country, here are the most famous buildings in the country and a thriving multi-cultural scene.
Further goals.

united states of america map Travel Guide to United States of America

united states of america map

Each country and its people have special features, customs and practices that are consistent with the brewing, not always. Especially first-timers as you will arrive at more or less big stumbling blocks.
In the U.S. there is an exception for everything. In this article, there are only general rules and tips; you should inform themselves about certain places in the relevant special articles.

As diverse as the landscapes of the USA, so different are the temperatures. In the south it is naturally hotter than in the dense forests of national parks in the north. Generally, there is high humidity in the east and low in the west. In the high altitude national park in the Southwest and the Rocky Mountains of the United States, it may be cool to May and from September. A warm jacket or sweater is always in your luggage, if only because of the widely encountered air conditioners. One must be careful in states like California, Nevada and Arizona. While there are some areas in winter with little snow and ice, it can be 100 miles to be already dead of winter. The best example there is Los Angeles. Only 100 miles to the northeast lay the winter sports resort in Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains. If you are not familiar landscape, one should say his car lender before, where to go, so we have not experienced a summer tire fiasco. Some routes will finish you with a good lender immediately if you want maybe in the winter from Los Angeles via the northern route to the Grand Canyon, if possible to call with the mobile home just one example.

usa alaska Travel Guide to United States of America

united states of america alaska

For entry into the United States, two things for German citizens are generally required:
First A valid passport
Required is the burgundy red, machine-readable passport (with or without biometric data) – for both adults and children! Identity cards and temporary passports are generally NOT accepted for entry.

Since January 2009, travelers from Germany under the “Visa Waiver” program (entry without a visa) MANDATORY to late 72 hours before departure at the Electronic System for Travel Authorization ( “ESTA” sign) (a later registration may or may not ) tabs, and specify the required information and answer questions there. When you register, including a location (for example, the first hotel) and to specify the dates of the return flight. Then, normally electronically issued the necessary residence permit – the last word on the length of stay, however, the immigration officers on site (maximum 90 days). It is basically an expression of approval carry! If the authorization fails, then please contact prior to departure time at the U.S. Embassy! Since September 2010, the ESTA registration is officially charged (U.S. $ 14, valid for 2 years). The fee may be paid by credit card on the internet or through travel agencies elsewhere.

central park us Travel Guide to United States of America

united states of america central park

For quite some time for passengers to fill in ESTA eliminates the green entry form I-94 W. Travelers who are not approved for ESTA registration (these are usually all travel purposes other than pure vacation and stays over 90 days), definitely need a visa for entry and must be in accordance with the U.S. Embassy in Germany they have a link .
Upon entry principle biometric data is collected from all entering the country: it is made an iris scan (eyes) and electronic fingerprints taken of all 10 fingers.

united states of america las vegas Travel Guide to United States of America

united states of america las vegas

Many cities in the USA can be reached from the German-speaking countries by direct flights, airports are important here, for example, New York-John F. Kennedy, Newark, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas and Miami as well as Boston, Denver and Philadelphia.

For cost reasons, it may be helpful on the flight to the city you want to upgrade again. One should consider here is that the immigration formalities at the first place must be the one achieved in the USA or Canada, done. This can take up to three hours. This time you should take into account when the transfer time. Because of tight security on international flights should be at least two hours before departure at the airport and on flights within the U.S. have at least one hour before departure at the airport.
The through check luggage (automatic reloading when changes) in the U.S., regardless of the airline, upon arrival in principle not possible. At the first landing in the U.S. is the baggage pick up regularly to get through customs and baggage claim when DIRECTLY BEHIND Newcomers to release it again (it must be checked not new!).
Unlike earlier, the arrival of the ship a rather rare nowadays chosen path. Seven days takes the transatlantic voyage from Southampton to New York, a slow but unbeatable luxurious and relaxing form to reach America. The only ship that this route still runs today in the line service, provided in the 14-day intervals and circulating “Queen Mary 2″ of Conrad Line, which as a successor was “Queen Elizabeth 2″ taken only in 2004 and also the fourth largest passenger ship all time. Including the arrival of the travel costs, depending on cabin category from 1300 up to 30,000 €.

Meah State Park in Spanish Fort

In many areas of the U.S. can hardly get by without a car, because the cities vast and the distances are great. In many cities like New York, Chicago or San Francisco there is a well-developed, even for tourists attractive public transport system from S-Bah, bus, etc. In some others, however, including Los Angeles, a car is due to a less-developed public transport and great distances almost indispensable.
The easiest way to travel in the country is safe the car. For shorter stays, we recommend a rental car, you can hire the best at the airport. Every major airport has an area where rental cars can be picked up. These areas are located if outside of the airport, accessible via either monorail or free bus transfer.
While there are between Europe and the U.S. is not huge differences in the Road Traffic Act, but applies to the right of way at the same rank not receive the usual road from us right before left ( tips for road USA ).

Calico Ghost Town in California
Driving in the States is quite peaceful. Be on the highway or Interstate engage the cruise control and just roll.
But be careful, pay attention anytime, anywhere on the speed. The police officers in the field Speeding very active and in contrast to our practice is the testimony of a sheriff as evidence in court. It will therefore require no photos or other things. For this reason, discussions with the atomic power are also usually quite hopeless.
In most states there are no separate speed limits for trucks. These may take the Interstate up to 75 miles per hour. And of course also overhaul. So do not be alarmed if a big truck driving past the left or right. Almost everywhere in the U.S. it is illegal to overtake on the right, but many people do not notice this. One should be attentive!
Particular caution is advised in children. In the vicinity of schools often apply speed limits when the school children could be on the road. When school buses stop to allow school children to boarding or alighting, the traffic stops in all directions
Anyone who drives a car needs to refuel, and that goes a little differently than usual. Are at most gas pumps there is a lever, switch or refinance the one way valve, turn or must move so that the gas can flow. Almost all gas stations must pay before you fill up. Paid too much in advance will be refunded one back after refueling. Often you can also pay directly at the Zapfzäule (auto fuel) by credit card.

Kern County Museum in California
Interestingly, Americans give the distances to often in hours. Unusual, but pretty accurate.
Open alcoholic beverage may only be transported in the trunk.

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