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Uluru, Australia

by WCC on April 27, 2012

in Australia

The Uluru, including Ayers Rock , is, an on the surface of a large underground layer of rock in the Central Australian desert in the Northern Territory . It is located in a 170,000 km ² large sedimentary basins , the Amadeus Basin . The Uluru is visited by many tourists and mythical legends have grown around him, the Aborigines , that all the dream time travel or dorthinführen end there.

Uluru 550x362 Uluru, Australia


The Uluru is about three miles long, up to two kilometers wide and has a circumference of about nine kilometers . The summit is at an absolute height of 863 m and stands out on 348 meters on the dunes of Central Australia. The Uluru is in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park near the town of Yulara , about 340 kilometers southwest of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia . The 1325 km ² large national park, next to Uluru in the neighboring Kata Tjuta lie (the Olgas), belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage and World Heritage Site .

In order to Uluru is shrouded in legends of the Australian aborigines, the events of the Dreamtime , and telling this to explain irregularities in the appearance of the rocks to try to keep them as sacred: This is how the myth of Uluru , the legislative history of the landscape: On the sunny side of the living Uluru Mala , the hare kangaroo -men, and on the shady side of the Kunia , the Carpet Snake people, in harmony and peace. The remote Windulka invited the mala to initiation one, but the Mala from saying, because they wanted to even perform initiations and Kunia attended happy and in love on their arrival in the Sleepy Lizard Women (Lizard = blauzüngige pinecone lizard ) and traveled no further. Then they were by a Kulpunya punished, a dog with huge teeth and no hair, the more vicious than a crocodile, but was also the Kunia were the Liru , the poisonous snakes and other human-fighters at the Kata Tjuta punished lived. In the terrible battle with death, serious injury and fire shook the earth and the Uluru stood out from the time the ground floor and so was the spirit of Mala and Kunia to stone, and the traces and the history of the struggle, the Anangu see Uluru and .

There are several caves in the rock paintings at Uluru, tell these and other legends. They were over the millennia renewed many times over again by painting.

Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park Australia 550x412 Uluru, Australia

Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park Australia

Uluru ayres rock 550x414 Uluru, Australia

Uluru Ayres Rock

Uluru Australia 550x366 Uluru, Australia

Uluru Australia

uluru australia 550x366 Uluru, Australia

Uluru Australia

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