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Ueno Park, Japan

by WCC on March 9, 2012

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The Ueno Park is a large, public park, in the Tokyo district of Taito is. The park includes the site of the former temple Kan’ei-ji , in close connection to the Tokugawa – Shoguns stood. They built the temple to the Edo Castle to the north-east hedge. The temple was built during the war Boshin destroyed. Ueno Park was founded in 1924 by a land donation from the Taishō – Tenno to the city of Tokyo built. The official name of the park is Ueno Onshi Koen, which literally Ueno Imperial Gift Park means.

ueno park 550x412 Ueno Park, Japan

ueno park

Three museums, the Tokyo National Museum , the National Museum of Natural Science and the National Museum of Western Art , as well as a concert hall, a Tōshō-gū shrine , the Shinobazu pond with his Benzaiten shrine, the Gojo-Tenjinja with his Inari Fox statues in an artificial grotto and the Ueno Zoo make the park a popular excursion and recreation area. A statue of Saigo Takamori shows him walking his dog, reminiscent of the influential samurai and leader of the Satsuma Rebellion . The Ueno Park and its surroundings play an important role in Japanese poetry, among other things in the novel Gan (dt: The Wild Goose ) by Mori Ogai .

ueno park tokyo 550x412 Ueno Park, Japan

ueno park tokyo

ueno park sakura 550x412 Ueno Park, Japan

ueno park sakura

ueno park japan 550x368 Ueno Park, Japan

ueno park japan

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