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by WCC on February 15, 2012

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The Turkey (Republic of Turkey) is a democratic republic in Asia and Europe. The unitary state since its founding in 1923, secular and Kemalist marked, and he was after the First World War the successor state to the Ottoman Empire. Founding father Mustafa Kemal Ataturk sought to Turkey through many social reforms along the lines of various European nation-states to modernize.

turkey beach Turkey

turkey beach

Turkey extends geographically across two continents. Anatolia, the Asian part of Turkey’s national territory, about 97% of the area a (790,955 km²). The European part forms the eastern Thrace, it comprises about 3% of the land area (23,623 km²). With a coastline of about 7200 km is located in western Turkey on the Aegean Sea, south to the Mediterranean and north to the Black Sea. The land borders with eight neighboring countries, has a total length of 2648 km. In the north-west Turkey borders Greece (206 km border) and Bulgaria (240 km), on the northeast by Georgia (252 km), Armenia (268 km), Azerbaijan (the exclave and autonomous republic Nakhchivan, 9 km) east of the Iran (499 km) and the south by Iraq (352 km) and Syria (822 km). The politically divided island of Cyprus to the Republic of Cyprus and the internationally unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is not far removed from the south coast.

Turkey lies mostly on the Anatolian plate to the north and east of the Eurasian plate, on the south by the Arabian plate and the southwest by the African plate borders. Through the North Anatolian Fault, a transform fault, especially the northern part of Turkey’s most earthquake-prone regions of the world and in recent years shaken by earthquakes. Since a certain chronological sequence of east-west is to determine the earthquake in northern Turkey, experts predict that in the foreseeable future İstanbul could be rocked by a major quake. The last major quake in the province of Kocaeli, like the earthquake in Golcuk, were less than 100 km away from Istanbul.

turkey istanbul mosque Turkey

turkey istanbul mosque

turkey istanbul Turkey

turkey istanbul

turkey city Turkey

turkey city

turkey ankara Turkey

turkey ankara

turkey Turkey


turkey women Turkey

turkey women

turkey girls Turkey

turkey girls

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abderrahim fassi July 5, 2012 at 5:51 pm

ce qui se passe entre deux voisins qui ont u_ne trés longue frontière est injuste …on ne doit pas mettre le nez dans les affaire du pays voisin ….on aide pour un calme ou on se retir calmenent aussi…sans attirer l’attention des pays ou des amis et surtout aussi quand on a des famille qui sont sociale entre les deux pays…..


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