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Tulum – Mexico

by WCC on March 25, 2012

in North America

Tulum is a town in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo on the peninsula of Yucatan. Tulum is now known for two things and loved. For a wonderful account of the location of the ancient Mayan ruins on the Caribbean Sea and the other due to the cabins (originally more primitve huts on the beach, with hammocks as beds, today there are also quite luxurious cabins!) Along the coast of Tulum down to Punta Allen.

tulum Tulum   Mexico


Most air travelers arrive in Cancun. From there, the cheapest bus to Tulum. The bus company is called and the ADO bus ticket costs about 200 pesos. It has several daily connections to Cancun or Chetumal with 1st class buses (eg ADO). Anyone wanting to come to the ruins should be aware that these buses stop only at the village of Tulum (about 4 km away from the ruins!). It is advisable, in Playa del Carmen, take a taxi (colectivo). Then you can get off at the turnoff to the ruins and from there a tourist train ride up to the entrance (or of course go on foot!).

The special feature of the Tulum, especially for individual travelers popular cabanas (beach huts) , stretching down south of the ruins for several kilometers along the palm-fringed Caribbean beach. This alternate simple straw huts and luxury bungalows. Tend to be in the north (ie close to the ruins), the slightly more favorable to find accommodation. In no way should give you a wake up bitten (intact) mosquito net, otherwise the risk of the next morning. The cabanas you go best with a taxi from the bus station in Tulum, it is about 4 km to the beach. The price-performance ratio of the cabanas is very different and constantly changing. The hygienic conditions are different, so a reservation is probably not the best recommendation.

tulum mexico beach Tulum   Mexico

tulum mexico beach

tulum mexico coast landscape Tulum   Mexico

tulum mexico coast landscape

tulum sea Tulum   Mexico

tulum sea

The areas in the Yucatan and Quantana Roo in Mexico are among the wealthier, ie you do not have to be afraid to steal from every street corner. Anyone who holds to the rules, do not go out alone at night or walk like a Geldbuendel in the hand is going on the safe side. However, caution is advised in the police, they should remain cooperative and friendly.

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