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Trieste, Italy

by WCC on June 4, 2012

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Trieste is a northern Italian port and city with 205,535 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2010) on the Adriatic Sea on the border to Slovenia. It is the capital of the autonomous region Friuli-Venezia Giulia and the province of Trieste. Trieste is the seat of a Catholic bishop. It has two well-known observatories for astronomy and geophysics, and since 1924 the University of Trieste. The city is the headquarters of the global coffee producers illycaffè SpA, the insurance company Generali and the shipping company Lloyd Triestino (formerly Austrian Lloyd).

trieste Trieste, Italy


From 1382 to 1918 Trieste belonged to Austria and was the most important port and one of the main naval bases of the Austrian navy as well as the capital of the crown land Austrian Littoral (Littoral). This is also the level to which Central Europe “heights over Adriatic relate.” After 1945, the city and its surrounding areas of mixed-language were Yugoslavia claimed, and they came through the East-West conflict for decades in a geographical boundary position. The disadvantages of the border situation and the loss of economic importance are changed only in 2004 with the EU accession of Slovenia. Culturally and historically Trieste did not materialize in the 20th Century, a place of meeting of cultures, languages, ethnicities and religions.

Trieste is located in northeastern Italy on the Gulf of Trieste, a bay of the North Adriatic Sea, a few kilometers from the Slovenian border. The city is part of the historic region of Venezia Giulia (Venezia Giulia), before the First World War as well as Austrian Littoral was known and whose area is now on the states Italy, Slovenia and Croatia is distributed. Since Trieste by the boundaries of the 20 Century had a large part of its hinterland lost Venezia Giulia was Friuli for the autonomous region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, combines, whose capital is Trieste since 1962. As the main port of Austria-Hungary (1382-1918) was a center of Trieste, nautical and marine sciences. The dock was on Molo Sartorio observed a long-term level to which since the 19th Century, the Central European height system meters over Adriatic is, he was cared for by the weather center, founded in 1841, today the geophysical observatory belongs.

trieste landscape Trieste, Italy

trieste landscape

trieste italy Trieste, Italy

trieste italy

trieste city Trieste, Italy

trieste city

trieste canal Trieste, Italy

trieste canal

trieste beach Trieste, Italy

trieste beach

trieste at night Trieste, Italy

trieste at night

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