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Treviso, Italy

by WCC on June 8, 2012

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Treviso, on Venetian Trevixo, is a city and administrative center of the province of Treviso in the region of Veneto in Italy. The city has 82,807 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2010) and lies approximately 40 kilometers northeast of Padua, and about 30 kilometers north of Venice. Treviso is situated at the confluence of Botteniga and Sile in the Venetian plain. The average height is about 15m asl.

treviso Treviso, Italy


The city Tarvisium was 49 BC, Roman municipium (recognition of city status). But already in prehistoric times was the same place a Bronze Age settlement. In the year 396 the first time the existence of the bishopric is mentioned. Among the Goths and later the Lombards, the Treviso made ​​a duchy, the city witnessed a first golden age. 539 succeeded in the Eastern Roman general Belisarius, the temporary reconquest of Treviso in the wake of the conquest of Ostgotenreichs, but already in 540 the Goths conquered it again. Even 568 or 569, the city was Lombard, as the majority of northern Italy. The diocese has 602 after the Lombards Padua had conquered, to extend its jurisdiction into the territory of Padua.

Under the Carolingians Treviso was in the 9th Century as the capital of a mark with its own Münzzeche. 777 has been Fortunatus of Trieste bishop, who stood on the side of the Franks and fought against the Byzantine influence. 815 is in a charter of Louis the Pious was first mentioned in a county of Treviso. She received the right of coinage, and was the county seat, but it has been reduced 828th The city has about 900 of Hungary, destroyed on 9 January was 905, the Bishop of Berengar I the right to levy customs duties and charges at the port. The seat of the county was Berengar after Verona moved.

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treviso streets

treviso italy Treviso, Italy

treviso italy

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treviso city

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